MAGNOLIA Gotcha Astronaut (Newly Packaged) - Each stick contains less than 200 Calories and has no trans fat

MAGNOLIA Gotcha Astronaut
An Awesome Ice-Cream that Brings Smiles To Kids Including Me (Oops!)
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MAGNOLIA Gotcha ice creams have always been one of the perfect treats that take your imagination on an adventure with a fun blend of attractive shapes and flavors, appealing to children and the young at heart. First introduced last year, 
MAGNOLIA Gotcha Astronaut
Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$0.70/stick
Also available in a multipack of six at RSP of S$3.30/box 

MAGNOLIA Gotcha Astronaut has wowed many palates with its satisfyingly rich taste of chocolate.
New Orange-Colored Packaging
With a form that took inspiration from spaceships, the decadent ice confection is now bundled in cheerful orange-colored packaging to captivate more chocoholics with its smooth texture and scrumptious chocolate flavor. 

Every childhood usually stems from enjoying a simple joy of indulging in a stick of ice cream. That's definitely an experience that one will definitely go through at least. Whether an ice-cold delight to stave off the heat, or as a spontaneous treat, ice cream never fails to act as a perk-me-up for any occasion. Revel in the happiness of ice cream with MAGNOLIA Gotcha Astronaut, packed with chocolaty oomph in a fresh new look for more fun and greater taste that’s a healthier choice! 

Containing no trans fat and at less than 200 calories a stick, the delicious MAGNOLIA Gotcha Astronaut makes a fun and enjoyable treat, without the guilt. Even better, the MAGNOLIA Gotcha Astronaut carries the ‘Healthier Choice Symbol’ by the Health Promotion Board! 

Families will be thrilled to have dining options sorted out this school holiday with an exciting promotion from MAGNOLIA Gotcha, offering children delicious sweet and savory treats!
From Now Until 17th December 17
Children can enjoy a 50% discount on one Fish & Co. Kid’s Bait Set Meal 
by simply presenting 2 cut-out coupons obtainable from every purchase of 2 MAGNOLIA Gotcha multipack ice cream.
The promotion can be redeemed with the original cut-out coupons at all Fish & Co. outlets. 

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