novita Hydroplus® Water Pitcher NP3290UF
Enhanced with advanced ultra-hollow memberane
Choose from 5 different lustrous colors!

1. Geranium Red
2. Zesty Yellow
3. Metallic Green
4. Royal Blue
5. Fuchsia Pink

novita NP3290UF in Action

It's important to take note that the water filter must be rinsed thoroughly to remove any carbon residues that was left during the manufacturing process as shown in the video above. Due to the action of gravity, the water can roughly be filled to the base of the top secondary container, it's the top convex portion where the tap water is filled into.
Ease of Operation!
Fill water directly into the Instant Fill Lid to avoid unfiltered water from entering the filtered region!

The novita NP3290UF is not only a compact water pitcher that saves a lot of space as compared to a normal ceramic of plastic pitcher that's super huge and bulky, but you'll be getting more as you save!

I've tried out the
Hydroplus® Water personally, and I enjoyed it. The alkalinity of the water is very beneficial and not boiling the water means, the minerals will still be left in the water.

The convenience of having quality drinking water fast and quick, that's even better and cheaper than conventional bottled waters is something that's simply awesome and sweet! It's the perfect compact gadget we need that allows us to omit the need of boiling water, this not only saves electricity but also gives us the essential nutrients we need and seek. I would definitely recommend having one of this at home, especially if you're always busy with work like me. You'll just have to fill up the 1.25L pitcher before you'll like to have a glass of it and that's all it takes for you to keep yourself hydrated and boosted with the minerals within it.
Size comparable to a regular tablet!
265 mm x 92 mm x 272 mm
Weighing only 619g
Save while getting awesome benefits from the Hydroplus® water

You'll be paying approximately $0.23/litre of Hydroplus® water that contains the necessary minerals your body needs daily to hydrate and rejuvenate itself! It gets even better! Moreover, the Hydroplus® Water has a pH level of 7.5-9.0 that is relatively higher than the usual pH of water. This mild alkalinity of water can help promote pH balance in the body by neutralizing excess acidic waste, which comes from the usual modern day diets, such as meat, processed food, sugar and even soft drinks, which are acid forming food.

Benefits of Smaller Water Molecule!

Possible Questions Asked!
How Do I Know If My Water is Alkaline?
Do a pH test! Different color represents different color on the pH Chart
For super accurate results, a calibrated digital pH meter can be used!

How does Hydroplus® slow down oxidation in our body?
Negative ORP reading on the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) Meter signifies high antioxidant capacity
Hydroplus® Water  would contain high levels of H2, which is a strong antioxidant, slows down oxidation in the body The Hydroplus® water’s oxygenizing property has an abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-) that is also an antioxidant component, Hydroxyl ions (OH-) reacts with naturally formally free radicals (O2-) in the body to give more dissolved oxygen (O2) that is delivered into the bloodstream.
What is a Free Radical?

Excessive Free Radicals (O2Reactions within the body are often inferred to be related to Diseases/Illness 

3-Step Filtration vs 4-Step Ultra Filtration
Major Difference between NP3290UF and NP3290
NP3290UF is enhanced with an advanced ultra-hollow membrane

Approximately 500ml of tap water is filtered out within (±) 3 Minutes! It's really amazing, the resulting filtered water is actually known as the Hydroplus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water! With this amazing water pitcher, not only will you reap rewarding qualities from this water but also saves the need of having to boil water and wait for the water to cool down before drinking it! It's much faster this way now. 

Benefits of using this amazing 4 step Ultra-Filtration, Water Pitcher
Removes Chlorine, Impurities & Unwanted Chemicals
While enriching flavor and improving taste

novita NP3290UF Specifications
novita NP3290UF
Product Standard & Quality Control


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