Switzerland, Amsterdam, Germany, Brussels, Paris - TRIP TO EUROPE WITH MOM @ 2013 via CS TRAVEL & FINNAIR [ DAY 1 - DAY 5 ]

Photo Taken from yle.fi
I've been looking forward to this amazing trip to Europe which was a ten days, seven nights trip as we paid for the land tour package without the air fare!

Want to know how I got there?

I wrote a poem & won a pair of tickets via a Today Online's European Festival Contest which we were tasked to write a place we would love to visit in Europe and Why? 

The contest entry I wrote is as followed:

The "European Film Festival Online Contest"
Won a trip for 2 to anywhere in Europe
(By Today Singapore)

Wondering through the past of the places I've never been,

While thinking of the places I hope to be in, 

With my mom whom I always want to pamper with,

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel tower in Paris,

Wishing it might clear the heart of her desire.

It may be a short poem but I guess it was "Sweet" enough to touch the judges hearts especially when only three pairs were given out among the 700 comments that were written. 

This was my first time sitting on a non-budget flight as not many people especially at such a young age can well afford even an economy class on a non-budget airline to travel overseas.

It was an interesting experience especially when it was only my second time sitting an Aeroplane!

I was shock with the "Quality & Quantity" of food that the Finnair flight have provided with us complimentary which usually is included in the air ticket.

I would Personally Like to thank Mr Nick Naung Naung, Finnair Country Sales Manager (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) for his generosity in extending my due date of the flight  to May this year to make this trip possible as I was not able to meet the deadline last year before the air ticket expires due to my tight & busy school schedule.

We paid a price of around $1.1k for the tour package via CS Travel that does not include the optional tours that we would have to fork out in euros if the optional tour is possible due to personal preference or weather conditions.

A Day Before Leaving Paris
Gabriel is sitting on the Right Side Just Beside Me
Last Supper on 8th May 13
We  had an awesome Tour Guide, Gabriel which frequently travels to Europe and thus have a clear background on the different places that we visited which he explained clearly to us on the bus before we reach the specific destination.

Enough of the Introduction!
Here comes the Journey of what happened during these 10 days and I'm only just going to choose a few photos out of the shocking two thousand worth of photos that I've taken in Europe.

Europe Day 1
Taking the Flight to Europe via Finnair

A Meal Before My Flight In Singapore
The Geeky Me at the Airport
My Mom & I on the Plane
Awesome Beef Rice as my Supper
My Mom's Supper
Chicken With Fries
Europe Day 2
Waking up on the plane & arriving to transit via Helsinki to Zurich & first day in Switzerland

Amazing Breakfast to fill my stomach
Transit to Helsinki
A High Tea Appetizer was also given on the flight to Zurich

Followed by waiting & meeting up with the tour to depart for the sightseeing in Switzerland
Ate Lunch while waiting for the arrival of the tour guide and tour mates
On The Coach With my Mom 
Photos with my Mom at the Garden

Another Camwhore Picture with my Mom

What an Amazing View Behind !!
Look at that Awesome Clear Green River
Saw this Amazing View while traveling to the Bear Pit
Cute Bear & The Pig
 Had to take one picture with my mom below

It's so Cute & Special

Look at the Cute Bears Making Out at Bear Pit

In The City
With my Tour Mates & Mom
Cathedral in Switzerland
Switzerland Clock Tower
City Hotel
Our Hotel in Switzerland
(5.00 Euro for Wi-Fi)
Three Course Meal

Vegetable Soup
Pasta with Pork/Chicken

Caramel Dessert
Caramel Pudding which tasted Super Awesome & Sweet

Europe Day 3
Second day in Switzerland


Chanced Upon A Cute Antique Bridge
Leaving City Hotel To Venture To Mt.Titlis
A Picture with the Tour Guide
Gabriel & My Mom
Switzerland's Mountainous Scenic View
Look at those Icy Cold Mountain
Clouds Hovering Above the Mountains
Old Vongola Monument
Cute House with Cute Animals
A Photo with Aunty Ann & Uncle Patrick
Reached The Base of Mount.Titlis

My Mom Posing in the Cable Car

My Loving Mother in the Cable Car
A Picture with the Vongola Captain
The ride up the Rotating Vongola is extremely giddy
A Picture with Salome
A Pose In The Ice Glacier Cave
A "Twist Pose" with the huge ice
Elated Mom Seeing Snow for the First Time


Lying in the Icy Cold Snow - Ouch My Eyes!

Lion Monument
With My Mom at Lion Monument
Europe Day 4
Trip to Rheinfall, Blackforest & Germany

Such a Beautiful Big Brown Tree
Last Few Photos & The Lake Before Leaving the Hotel
Look at my Big Eyes
At a Nearby Bakery
Was Tempted to Try Their Croissant
Chocolate Croissant
Reached the Rheinfall
Picture with my Mom at the Rheinfall
On our way to Blackforest
Titisee - Blackforest
Drubba Shopping 
(Cuckoo Clock Maker & Branded Seller)
Get your Clocks, Watches & Branded here

Mont Blanc is relatively cheaper here
Lunch Time at a Restaurant above Drubba

Three Course Meal

Vegetarian Soup
Pork Knuckle
Black Forest Cake Dessert
Happy Mom with her meal
Blackforest Cake
At Petrol Kiosk
Pay 50 cents euro to enter the restroom
Get a rebate of 50 cents by purchasing any item in the store What a good strategy to make sure that no one enters the Petrol Kiosk for the sake of using the toilet only.
Leonardo Hotel
Our Hotel in Germany for a day
A Picture in The Lift
Another Cam-Whore Picture in the Lift
Look I'm in the Toilet
Amazing Hotel
Twist Twist !!
A Picture with my Mom in the Hotel
Lucky I Brought My Canon 60D's Wireless Shutter

Europe Day 5

Visit to the Cathedral

Hungry Mommy!
Pit-Stop at Marche & My Mom Chatted with this Handsome Guy
A Photo outside the Cathedral
Paid 10 Euros to take a picture with the lady
Was Shocked She asked us to take a photo with her but insisted on us paying thereafter
A Street Performance by a Group of Musicians
Pose at the Cathedral with my Marche Shopping Bag
Pretty Artwork of a Girl using Chalk
Super Cool Way to Get Donations
Pay to enter Toilet
Another 50 cents Euro Discount Ticket
Big Wooden Shoe Display
Photo Taken in the City
Pose in front of the Monument


Exotic & Unique Taste
Awesome Roasted Chicken
Fresh Prawns inside a Chinese Restaurant
Tasty and Crispy Sweet & Sour Fish
Fresh Broccoli with Mushrooms
Kebab for Supper after Dinner
Finally Arriving at Amsterdam Hotel
On my way to Ibis Hotel
Mom's Pose at Ibis Hotel 
Using the Awesome Ibis's Props
My Personal Pose at Ibis Hotel 
Using the Awesome Ibis's Props
 The First 5 Days was Super Awesome & do be prepared to spend a lot over there!


Informative, Diligent, Natural Joker & Kind 




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