All New Ice Mountain Sparkling Water Classic Flavor - No Sugar & Zero Calories (Redeem an exclusive ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Keepsake Pouch with every $6 Purchase of ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water)

ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Classic
The Perfect Drink To Give You A Guiltless Indulgence You Need
I would like to announce the arrival of the ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Classic!  The all-new Classic variant joins the bubbly and delightful ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Lemon and Grapefruit variants. Refreshingly bubbly with no sugar and zero calories, ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Classic brims with bubbly goodness, the perfect guiltless indulgence for enjoyment. 

Sparkling water, created in the 1700s, was a sensational hit when it was first introduced. Over time, sparkling water has become a quintessential part of the European lifestyle. The advent of globalization brought sparkling water to Asia as an exciting, cheerful alternative to still water. 

The refined taste of sparkling water gives an ideal revitalizing boost, anytime, anywhere. The new ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Classic lifts the mood as a great companion to chill with on a hot day, or as a bubbly twist to meals. Its refreshing fizz guarantees to tickle the taste buds. So its no surprise that one bottle is never enough and no wonder that its hard to decide between the trio – Classic or Lemon or Grapefruit!
Ice Mountain Sparkling Water
No Sugar & Zero Calories
Devoid of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and coloring, ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water has zero calories! So savor the bubbling sensation in every sip of ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water without guilt! 

Boost Your Sparkling Sensation!
With the ICE MOUNTAIN, Cluster Pack offered in Classic & Lemon Variant

Consumers can enjoy more of ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water with greater convenience with the new cluster packs of 4 bottles! This is perfect for gatherings or as a refreshing drink to have readily on hand, the cluster packs are offered in the ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Classic and Lemon variants.  

Exclusive ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Keepsake Pouch for Redemption 

With every $6 purchase of ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water, consumers can redeem a keepsake pouch for all that sparkles in their lives. The redemption can be made at selected NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, and Giant stores, from 1st November to 31st December 2017, while stocks last.  

ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Classic, Lemon, and Grapefruit (375ml) retail at a recommended selling price (RSP) of $1.20 at leading supermarkets and at RSP of $1.90 at selected convenience stores. 

Each cluster pack (4 x 375ml bottles) of the ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Classic and Lemon variants retails at RSP of $3.95 at leading supermarkets. 

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