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Coastes Newly Launch Menu 

50 Siloso Beach Walk 01-06, 
Singapore 099000
Phone: (+65) 6631 8938

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Situated at "Prime Location" in Sentosa, with an awesome sea view
Before I start introducing the main dishes, I would like to recommend that you guys try out their beverages if you're out there to sun-tan or chill!
The Coconut Kumquat is an awesome, refreshing and cooling drink that is suitable to be drunk at any time of the day. It works like a charm when you're in need of a drink after all those activities you have participated at Sentosa Island.

I would definitely add in some alcohol to make it into a refreshing cocktail! Keep your peered eyes wide open for a possible inclusion on the menu soon!
Seafood Platter
(Price: $52)
I found this seafood platter rather palatable and light to the stomach. It is also very fresh and the portion is rather generous. I would definitely recommend this, especially when it's the best companion to go with any alcoholic drinks.
Green Curry Chicken Spaghetti
(Price: $24)
The green curry chicken spaghetti may not be one of my favourites but it still tastes relatively good. The overall taste is rather exotic, which is why most of you might not really enjoy such a type of fusion cuisine.
Bourbon-Glazed Pork Ribs
($20 Half Slab/ $30 Full Slab)
The pork ribs are one of my favourites and I would definitely recommend this dish. The meat is tender and the sauce used is neither too sweet nor too salty, which means the overall fragrance of the ribs will not be overpowered by it. This is what we expect from pork ribs as it would be pointless to eat the ribs if we're mainly eating the sauces. This mindset definitely applies to most of the foods we eat outside too.
Seafood Risotto
(Price: $32)
The risotto is also a dish that I would recommend. The risotto isn't overwhelmed by the presence of cheese at all. The rich seafood umami gives the risotto an overall satisfying wholesome taste. You can simply taste the rich flavour with every single mouthful. 
Spicy Penne Arrabiatta
(Price: $22)
The penne is well sauteed with greens and mushroom and preserved olives. I would prefer the omission of olives as the taste kind of overpowered the entire dish. It might be my personal preference but the olives were a bit too sour, which led me to suspect that preserved olives were used.

I would recommend fresh olives instead, though, it will definitely be a good addition to this dish. Lastly, the spiciness of this dish is still quite at my bare minimum, especially since I am a sucker for spiciness. The sight of chilli peps me up and gets me excited! All in all the dish is still not bad and may suit those who likes a bit of sourness to their food. 
Forest Berries & Cream Cheese Trifle
(Price: $15)
I often would choose something sweet as my dessert but this dessert in the midway between sweet and sour. The variation in berries provides a certain unique overall taste that's quite revitalising.
Banana & Chocolate Pie
(Price: $14)
I personally felt the banana went well with the entire chocolate pie. It complimented each other, which resulted in a sweet chocolaty taste.
Salted Caramel Brownie
(Price: $14)
As you all know, chocolate usually never goes wrong. This is why I feel that the picture speaks mostly for itself but I'll still like to say a few words. The brownie is not too sweet and the ice cream complements the brownie relatively well. This is what makes this dessert the most recommended choice among the others, especially if you are looking for something less exotic.
Baked Portobello & Arugula Ciabatta
(Price: $16)
If you have realised, I have always loved the idea of having big portobello mushrooms in my meals. Despite my favouritism towards anything with portobello mushroom in it, I still kind of felt hat this sandwich was well-made. The overall texture and taste of the mushroom still remain intact, which shows how much effort was dedicated to the making of this sandwich. The entirety of the sandwich's rich taste comes from the mushroom that blends relatively well with the veggies and bread.

Corned Beef Ciabatta
(Price: $16)
Overall, I felt that the sandwich is delicious and the toppings complement well with the corned beef. It is definitely better than those corned beef found outside. One setback is that I felt that the bread could be even more crispy and softer on the inside.
We had an awesome time together at Coastes Singapore with Food BloggerMichelle Nah
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