Hasbro Singapore Recently Released Two New Nerf Gun Blasters to their Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Series (AlphaHawk & FalconFire blaster)

Hasbro, Inc.’s two new blasters
Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Series

AlphaHawk and FalconFire blaster
AlphaHawk blaster
Retail Price: $69.90
FalconFire blaster
Retail Price: $29.90
Accustrike Series Has Arrived In Singapore!
The Long Wait Is Finally Over!

Photo Credits: Nerf Drop

I believe our childhood memories will always have bits and pieces of us playing a toy gun. It was so nostalgic when I had a hands-on experience of the AlphaHawk blaster & FalconFire Nerf Gun!

NERF Gameplay! 
Enhanced excitement and intensity

Steer your child away from a gadget to something thrilling and social! An all-time favourite for kids, especially boys, NERF has been a leading champion of active gameplay for years. What’s more, you can join in the fun and experience some quality bonding time with your child too by just getting your own blaster! 

It will never be the same playing NERF blasters anymore, now that greater accuracy can be achieved!” 
Hit The Bull's Eye!
Photo Credits: Clip Art Best
Be sure to hit the bull’s-eye with these AccuStrike Blasters! Never waste any bullet – with its newly designed darts, AlphaHawk and FalconFire boasts great precision, accuracy and power! Gone are the days when you struggle to hit your target, the game has only just begun! 

A 5-dart, revolving drum, battlers equipped with the AlphaHawk blaster can unleash five darts in a row without reloading. This gives you an additional advantage – your opponents will be shot before they can even blink! 

On the other hand, if you are looking for more precision, the FalconFire is the perfect weapon for you! With a single-shot blaster, the FalconFire shows a ready indicator when the blaster is primed. 

Start a Nerf War With Your Family
Take aim at a target and pull the trigger to unleash one of the most accurate NERF darts! It features an integrated dart storage to keep darts nearby for fast reloading. A manual containing ideas for new challenges and ways to enjoy NERF comes along with every purchase of the AlphaHawk or FalconFire.

The AlphaHawk blaster comes with 10 darts and has a revolving, 5-dart drum that auto-reloads while the single-shot FalconFire blaster comes with six darts and an integrated dart storage.

Ready for an epic NERF game? Zero in on the AlphaHawk or FalconFire available islandwide at major toy retailers and departmental stores. It’s NERF or Nothin’! 

If you would like to purchase it immediately, visit Toys 'R' Us's E-Store to get one immediately!
NERF's Trade-In Programme
Available at these five participating Toys 'R' Us outlets: 

1. VivoCity
2. Paragon
3. Tampines
4. United Square
5. Parkway Parade

Simply bring blaster(s) to any of the five participating outlets (T&C Apply).

Main Highlights include:

1st 100 who turn up at TRU VivoCity will receive Alphahawk ($69.90) instantly. 

From 101st onwards, consumers will receive NERF $10 off voucher, which entitles them to buy Falconfire at $19.90 instead of $29.90.

Rest of the stores (Paragon, Tampines, United Square & Parkway Parade) will give out NERF $10 off voucher starting from the 1st customer.

Bundle Deal @ $50 instead of $69.80, save $19.80! (WOW!)

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The width of the blaster must be at least 35cm long.
The height of the blaster must be at least 20cm long.

Upon verification by Hasbro staff that the blaster meets the upgrade criteria, customers will receive a NERF ‘$10 OFF’ voucher for purchase of NERF Elite Accustrike Falconfire (RRP. $29.90). T&Cs of voucher apply.
Photo Credits: Shariyantes

Leaderboard Challenge 2017 at TRU (4 exclusive NERF medals to be collected in 2017, achieve 1,000 points in the fastest time possible)