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Meiji Run 2017
Event Date: Sat 20 May 2017
Time: 3pm - 8pm
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Key in "MEIJIXKAVIEL" from now till 20th April to be entitled to "10% OFF!"

Palawan Green Sentosa, Singapore
Sentosa Island, Singapore 099981
Race Route
Race Spans across Palawan Beach & Siloso Beach
Concurrent Yoga Category
Participate in a Mass Yoga on the beach with professional instructors from Yoga Lab
Meiji Yoga's Itinerary
Amino Collagen Nourishment, Meiji Yoga, Meiji Breakfast & Spa & Massage

Velocity @ Novena Square Main Atrium
Race Pack Collection
Date: 13th & 14th May 2017
Time: 11am - 8pm

Meiji Run 2017's Categories
Entitlements' Comparison
Meiji Run 2017's
Finisher Hamper (worth $20)

Venue: Velocity Novena Square
238 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307683

I am a big fan of 5km & 10km runs organised by the different running committees throughout the entire year, which means I wouldn't want to miss this chance to go for such an amazing run. Hence, you'll definitely be seeing me there enjoying the "5KM Fun Run!"

I would recommend all of you guys out there to this opportunity to bond with your family members by going for this fun run too. I always believe the need to find a balance between studies/work, family and enjoyment. 

Moreover, there are times we overexert ourselves without knowing it. This is why it is necessary to take some time off your busy schedules to join the fun with your family and friends and treat yourself to delicious snacks and drinks after the run, not forgetting fun-filled post-run activities for you to enjoy. It is also quite therapeutic to go for a run before you continue on whatever is on hand. I do that often too whenever I am stressed out.
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