Interactive Kitchen Food Spread with ala minute cooking stations at Escape Restaurant & Lounge - UPCOMING: One Farrer Food Street (24 - 25th March 17) & Teochew Porridge Food Spread (Available Everyday)

Interactive Kitchen Food Spread with ala minute cooking stations @ Escape Restaurant & Lounge
Address & Map location
Escape Restaurant & Lounge
1 Farrer Park Station Road,
Singapore 217562
One Farrer Food Street

24th March 2017, Friday
5pm - 10pm

25th March 2017, Saturday
11am - 10pm

Farrer $$ Available at $20 per booklet
Pre-purchase of Farrer Dollars can be made via the following channels:

1. Call 6705 7825
2. Email f&

Cuisine Type: International & Local
Available for both Lunch & Dinner
New Signature Dishes
1. Durian Fried Rice
2. KL Tai Lok Mee
3. Seafood Chilli Crab Noodles

Breakfast Food Spread
$30 ++ per pax

Lunch Food Spread
Monday to Sunday $50++ per pax

Dinner Food Spread
Sunday to Thursday
$60++ per pax

Friday, Saturday, Eve of PH, PH
$68++ per pax **

Lunch & Dinner Food Spread: Inclusive of Free Flow Soft Drinks**
Start off your meal with some Freshly Baked Bread
I do not wish to spoil the fun of exploring the choices of food available at this amazing food spread but here's a sneak preview of the scrumptious spread below. However, I would like to say a few words before you do so. My overall opinion of this food spread is that the food is relatively good even though it's definitely not the best buffet I've eaten but there are numerous choices available. Out of all the choices available, the oysters and crab legs are still my personal favourite.

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Tastilicious Meter:

Durian Fried Rice
The fried rice is cooked with some spices, peas, eggs and prawns. It is topped with some durian puree, which gives it an overall aromatic fragrance to those who are a fan of durians like me. I would say that it's an interesting fusion of food and fruits but it might not be a dish that majority of us would like. I personally felt that it was something refreshing to my taste buds and it's definitely worth the try. 
Fresh Seafood Available
Fresh Oysters Available Too
Are you a fan of oysters too? There's basically an endless flow of oysters available at the buffet. It was simply too difficult to resist the temptations of the fresh oysters at all. The oysters are so fresh that I alone ate two plates worth. Oysters are best accompanied by a glass of wine, which in my opinion would be a glass of "Merlot". PS: Additional fee applies if you would like to be entitled to "Free flow wines"
Crayfish, Crab Legs, Prawns & Scallops
On the whole, the seafood available at the food spread is not only fresh but also succulent and delicious and it's probably what I would head down there for.
Spicylicious Curry
My Personal Creation: Durian Yoghurt
I would never ever forget about desserts, especially after a scrumptious meal. As you all may have found out, durian is one of my personal favourites, which is why I made my very own durian yoghurt! I would definitely recommend you to head down to "One Farrer Hotel's Escape Restaurant & Lounge" to try out their yoghurt! I was quite shocked that the yoghurt tasted so good, better that those popular stores out there that served you a portion of yoghurt at a rip-off price of $6++.
Teochew Porridge Food Spread (Coming Soon in Late March)
$16++ per pax (everyday)
That is accompanied by a variety of dishes available 
Head down today!
Bon appétit
To all my readers out there, I believe you guys value the need for honest opinions, which is why I would still be upfront and frank about my food reviews :)