F&N Ice-Cream Brand Challenge 2017 - A challenge aimed to sustain Singapore's Heritage icons : Let's hear about the Aspirations & Feelings of Team MBB Consulting!

F&N Brand Challenge 2017
A challenge aimed to sustain Singapore's Heritage Icons 
Ring, Ring, Ring!! Ice-Cream Lelong Lelong!
Photo Credits: TheSmartLocal
I believe most Singaporeans will understand the significance of the ringing of the bells that used to transverse across our neighbourhood
Photo Credits: TheSmartLocal

These delicious servings of ice cream are truly what we usually call "comfort food" as they remind us of our carefree childhood in Singapore. The ice-cream uncles used to set-up their business at different locations among our neighbourhood and the faint ringing sounds can be heard from afar. They would travel around different HDB blocks to earn their day's worth. However, they can only be found at prominent locations such as Bugis Street. With different desserts stall and cafes popping all around Singapore, many of them have either given up due to rising costs and low demand or have grown out their capabilities to continue this nostalgic culture in Singapore.

The ice-cream uncles are losing their popularity due to the constantly evolving environment that has severely affected their businesses. The dwindling interest in the childhood ice-creams has triggered certain cause of concern of the lost of heritage culture in Singapore.  

Therefore, to prevent such a loss in heritage, F&N Creameries and the SMU Marketing Society organise the F&N Ice Cream Brand Challenge 2017 to help preserve our charming and endearing Singapore icon, the ice cream cart. It is one of the several initiatives driven by F&N Creameries to 

The brand challenge was designed to involve the next generation of Singaporeans to embrace and help do their part to keep our ice creamuncles’ relevant and independent. The challenge calls for university and polytechnic students to lead the way in revamping the ice cream pushcart and its business model while retaining the appeal of the ice cream cart as a national icon, so that loyal customers, curious passers-by and tourists may continue to savour the delightfully local desserts in years to come.

The ice cream pushcart is an irreplaceable part of the Singaporean identity. Through the F&N Ice Cream Brand Challenge, the younger generation will be engaged to play an important and meaningful role in helping to preserve this well-loved icon of Singapore, while retaining the essence of its appeal. 

In a competitive market increasingly saturated with many players, tapping on the ideas and knowledge of the next generation will enable the economic continuity of the ice cream pushcarts.

Team MBB Consulting
Amanda, Angelin, Dennis, Guo Li

Here Are Some of The Questions Answered by
One of the Teams

Why did the team decide to join the F&N Ice Cream Brand Challenge?

Our team wanted to try out a marketing case cause it is different from what we usually do. So, it was a challenge which we want to take on. In addition, this challenges brings back a lot of sentimental value as we find solutions to help this sunset industry through the national icon branding and the uncles that still retails these ice-creams. Lastly, overall, our team find this a fun challenge and we love ice-creams, especially those traditional ones that used to be around the neighbourhood.

In less than 50 words, can each team member share their favourite memory of the ice cream wafer or bread sandwich?

Angelin: I love to see the ice cream carts especially when we walk out of school, or goes to the playground in the evenings. And the ringing of the bell of the ice cream uncle just excites me.

Guo Li: My favourite memory is when I chance upon one such ice cream cart on a hot day and sharing one ice cream with my friends!! 

Amanda: I love the challenge of trying to finish the ice-cream before it melts and dirties your hands. In addition, this ice-cream brings back childhood memories of my family gatherings as we always end up getting one to cool ourselves down after a hot day’s walk. 

Dennis: My most memorable experience will be the chats that I have with the ice cream uncle staying near me. It also never fails to amaze me how he can cut through the cardboard box to get the ice cream instead of opening it.

What are your favourite ice cream flavours?

Everyone: Ripples and Chocolate

Is Team MBB Consulting confident to win this challenge?

We were surprised that we got into the finals as none of us are marketing students. However, we are proud of our recommendations because we did put a lot of thought into crafting each one and suggesting a strategy! So, we hope we will win a placing!

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