MAGNOLIA Gotcha Jelly Cool Ice-Cream

MAGNOLIA Gotcha Jelly Cool Ice-Cream
A jiggly treat that brings a smile with every bite 

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Remember that lime jelly ice-cream that we used to eat during our childhood times? I am not sure about you but I believe that was one of my favourite ice-cream! I am not sure whether it's still sold in the market but I believe I have not eaten that for quite some time. I do miss the limey-licious taste that goes perfectly well with the jelly. This is also not an exception! The MAGNOLIA Gotcha Jelly Cool brings those nostalgic memories back to life!

The flavours of strawberries and vanilla cream are perfectly matched as a delightful treat during the hot season or as a refreshing dessert to end a meal on a sweet note. The all-new MAGNOLIA Gotcha Jelly Cool offers this classic pairing in a novel form – sweet and creamy vanilla ice confection enveloping a jelly core bursting with the taste of strawberries, free of trans-fat and low in calories! 

MAGNOLIA Gotcha ice creams are thrilling indulgences with its fun shapes and flavours. Embark on a sensational adventure with the new MAGNOLIA Gotcha Jelly Cool! 
The rich vanilla-flavoured ice confection stimulates the senses with a delectable strawberry-flavoured jelly core concealed within, surprising the palate with a fun contrast in textures. The cheerful look of MAGNOLIA Gotcha Jelly Cool complements the bold character of strawberries in the wobbly jelly core that adds a touch of brightness to the creamy vanilla-flavoured shell. 
Children and the young at heart can enjoy this fun, jiggly and oh-so-yummy treat with all the pleasure and none of the guilt. MAGNOLIA Gotcha Jelly Cool contains no trans-fat and has less than 200 calories a stick. It carries the ‘Healthier Choice Symbol’ by the Health Promotion Board.
The MAGNOLIA Gotcha Jelly Cool is available in single serves at the recommended selling price (RSP) of S$0.80 a stick at selected minimarts and provision stores. It is also available in a multipack of five at RSP S$3.30 per box at major supermarkets and hypermarkets. 
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