F&N Partners with Health Promotion Board to Build A Healthier Singapore

F&N Partners with Health Promotion Board to Build A Healthier Singapore
Making Healthy Choices the Easy Choice for a Healthier Nation

F&N has always dedicated their time in helping and guiding consumers lead a healthy lifestyle, and the product portfolio demonstrates the company’s wholehearted commitment towards building a healthier nation. Over the last decade, F&N has embarked on a continuous journey to reduce sugar content without compromising consumer acceptance on the taste and quality of its beverages. Their commitment to healthier choice products over the years has resulted in a portfolio of beverages that contain less than 12% sugar

In fact, their consistent efforts in reducing the sugar content in their products have contributed significantly to a steady decline of their sugar footprint - a 29% reduction over 12 years. Across its portfolio, F&N has introduced healthier alternatives for consumers. Not only did F&N pioneered the introduction of healthier categories for beverages such as bottled water, isotonic drinks, and tea, but they have also included it in soy and Asian drinks. F&N have also made other healthier options, which includes the sugar free, reduced sugar, no sugar added, low-fat variants with healthier choice endorsements by the Health Promotion Board
The portfolio includes beverage and dairy brands 100PLUS, ICE MOUNTAIN, COCO LIFE, SEASONS, MAGNOLIA, NUTRISOY, NUTRIWELL, and FRUIT TREE FRESH.
This extensive product portfolio has captured the hearts and minds of Singaporeans who grew up with fond memories of F&N products. Whether it is the iconic MAGNOLIA milk that nourishes the body every morning, a refreshing serving of 100PLUS to fuel active lifestyle or the delicious F&N NutriSoyF&N’s well-recognised brands and quality products have been household staples of many families across generations. 

F&N has always aimed to deliver great tasting product offerings that fulfil Singaporeans’ aspirations to live healthily. Not only have they consistently reduced their sugar footprint across their product lines, they have also introduced healthier ingredients in their new products. 

The recently launched F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Wonders range incorporates the nutritious goodness of organic chia seeds, while the new 100PLUS ACTIVE fuels the healthy lifestyle aspirations of the everyday athlete with essential electrolytes and Vitamins B to give an additional boost of energy. 

The all-time favourite F&N SEASONS Ice Lemon Tea is now available as reduced sugar variant. Consumers who seek a cold and refreshing drink on a hot day will enjoy the recently added Classic variant to ICE Mountain Sparkling Water range.  All of these new products have also been certified as Healthier Choice by the Health Promotion Board. F&N remains dedicated in their efforts to provide healthier products that consumers can feel good about feeding their families,’ said Jennifer See, General Manager, F&N Foods Pte Ltd. 

Engaging the Community 

In addition to their efforts to drive a healthier product portfolio, F&N has been actively engaging the community on healthy living. The calendar of events supported by 100PLUS throughout the year is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle for both serious athletes and weekend warriors. The list is extensive and includes many of the marquee sports events on the local calendar including The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, the OCBC Cycle Singapore and The Straits Times Run. 

In tandem with F&N's efforts to help consumers make informed choices, their products are all labelled with nutrition information. This is perfect for health-conscious individuals that would consistently keep track of their dietary intake to ensure that they not only eat healthily but also to ensure that their calories intake do not exceed a certain recommended value. F&N continues to forge a close partnership with HPB in support of the latter’s vision in building a healthier nation. F&N has been a proud supporter of HPB’s initiatives to educate consumers about nutrition and to inculcate good nutritional habits for all.

You can also download the Health Promotion Board's Healthy 365 App to keep track of your daily dietary intake too! 

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