N.E.mation! 10 Top 10 Team - NEtitanxII's Progress & Challenges

N.E.mation 10!
NEtitanxII's Progress & Challenges Faced

Challenges Faced Over The Past Week
Difficulties in Adapting To Software

They had numerous difficulties in accustoming to the software interfaces due to their extensive need of painting and designing of the different images that they require for their Praxinoscope medium. 

This is why they had to transit to another software called Toon Boom as it is more feasible as compared to Photoshop as it allows easier sketching and smoothing of lines that are the building blocks of any image.

Toon Boom Interface
Detailed Drawings & Refinement Required

They are way behind schedule as the detailed refinements of their images require them to dedicate a lot of time. This is rectified by spending their own personal time to stay back to complete their work before ending off the day.

For those who have missed out on the introduction, here's once again how the Praxinoscope medium looks like.

Close-Up Sneak Preview of The Animation
So How Did They Overcome All This Challenges?

Stay positive by taking breaks in between their production phase to ensure maximum focus when they are doing their refinement work

They would also try to ask for feedback on their work so that they could get important pointers on how they can better refine their final product so that they could bring out what they are trying to portray of the Total Defence of Singapore.

Muhd Zulfazlin's Determination
"As Long As We Stay Positive, Nothing is Impossible!" 

Evan & Muhd Zulfazlin
Stay Tuned For More Updates Next Week

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