N.E.Mation! 10 Top 10 Team - Duck Duck Glucose's Progress & Challenges

N.E.mation 10!
Duck Duck Glucose's Progress & Challenges

Nur Haziqah Working Really Hard
As All Of Them Focused On Producing The Animation For Their Final Product

Challenges Faced By This Amazing Team
The Ducks Are Having Their Heads Tight Up By Calculations & Planning

Software such as ADOBE Flash that usually crashes due to certain unknown reasons, which the team rectifies by making sure they save their work every single time with CTRL+S every minor changes done on their animation.

They have difficulties creating the animations as it requires numerous scenes for just one particular movement that they want on their final product.

"100% Positivity Shown With Their Funny Puns"
They Are Super Optimistic In Getting Their Job Done

They also had difficulties focusing day in and out in front of the computer which is relatively tiring after prolonged hours in front of the computer. This is why they remain optimistic by staying positive with the help of their peers by cheering each other up with jokes and puns. They will also take breaks in between to ensure that they are well-rested before continuing with their work.

They will also share food among themselves by munching on something to keep themselves active so that they can focus on creating a wonderful animation with minimal flaws.

Lastly, they had difficulties visualizing different scene on the animation so they had to act it on personally as it is easier related with a real life simulation. This allows them to build on a particular scene with the best expression and facial features that they found was nice.

"Boosting Their Morale With Gong Cha"
A Well Deserved Break For Them !!

 "I'm Glad That They All Liked It"
I'm Glad I Could Do Something For Them Too!

"Staying Positive Is Their Strength"
Stay Tune For More Updates Next Week!



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