N.E.mation! 10 Top 10 Team - NEtitanxII's Introduction on The Usage of Praxinoscope for the Emphasis of Total Defence

N.E.mation 10!

Beatty Secondary School 
Team Members

1. Ang Jia Shing Adeline
2. Evan Tan Jia Ho
3. Muhd Zulfazlin Bin Zainal
4. Chua Hui Min

Intuitive Way Of Using The Praxinoscope
"Reflection of The Past For A Better Future"

The four of them embarked on their journey by joining this amazing contest, N.E.mation! 10 not only to gain experience but also to fulfill their dreams in winning a trip to USA. This is the first year that they managed to be one of the Top 10 Teams that are competing for the Champion. Despite all the set backs, they wanted to show that a neighborhood school could win this competition too.

Hui Min joined this competition for four years straight from N.E.mation! 7 to 10 to gain experience as she is interested in this area of specialization. The group joined up with Hui Min since N.E.mation! 10 as they set their goals in aiming for the champion. 

Despite numerous failed attempts, they felt that all those attempts were worthwhile as they managed to learnt a lot through their experience. This allowed them to improve themselves which brings them one step closer in pursuing their dreams. All of them worked towards their goal with this believe 'We believe we can achieve and to Achieve we must Believe!"

Our Formal Group Photo Together
More About Their Story

Their story focuses on the reflections of the past as they mirror the pioneer efforts to ours. Their story encompasses two aspects of Total Defence; Economic Defence & Psychological Defence.

In the aspects of Economic Defence, they used images that are shown on a reflection of the Praxinoscope that will look somewhat like the video shown below. Some of the images includes a Merlion that turns into a $1 coin, NEWater bottle, a transformation from the past transportation methods, Trishaw to cars as one of the main mode of transport now and a part on Changi Airport as well.

Praxinoscope's Unique Reflection

As for Psychological Defence, they included Sam Tsui a depiction between Sam Tsui Women in the past and a construction worker now. This mirrors our Pioneer efforts as it shows how much Singapore has changed by using better technology such as tractors, forklifts and cranes to build a better nation. 

They also included images that focuses on Racial Harmony, Singapore Flag that is a National Symbolization of Unity. Lastly, they will present an image of interconnecting hands which symbolizes people working together in harmonious nation to build a better future by duplicating the mindset that took us this far.(e.g. SG100)

42 Praxinoscope will be used
30 For Display & 12 Will Contain Images

Their Poem Contains 4 Stanzas
Each Containing 4 Lines Each