N.E.mation! 10 Top 10 Team - Duck Duck Glucose's IntroDUCKtion

N.E.mation 10!
Duck Duck Glucose

Cedar Girl's Secondary School 
Team Members

1. Nur Haziqah Abdul Rahman
2. Ong Jing Wen
3. Lynette Cheow
4. Samantha Gladys Tjong

Amazing Animation on "Vision"

These four beautiful young girls joined N.E.mation! 10 this year due to their interest in animation. The three of them which includes Nur Haziqah, Ong Jing Wen & Samantha Gladys are in the same Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), Infocomm Clubs

N.E.mation! 10
Duck Duck Glucose IntroDUCKtion Video

They joined N.E.mation! each year through their CCA with a positive mindset to strive to achieve the best. Despite their past failures, they came out even better and stronger. They were determined in working even harder to achieve their goals of being able to fly to United States of America (USA).

All of Them Are Proud To Be In 
"The Home of The Top 10"

This really showed great emphasis on a quote "Nothing is impossible as long as you're willing to strive harder to achieve your goals" Therefore, this year they worked really hard and their efforts were finally paid off as they managed to get into this year's N.E.mation! 10's Top 10 this year with a new added Member, Lynette who was interested in joining the team when they were offered to add a new member in.

Duck Duck Glucose's Production Phase
Lynette Refining Their Animation Drawings

Their story places great emphasis on "Vision" and it touches on all the Five Aspects of Total Defence; Civil Defence, Military Defence, Economic DefenceSocial Defence and Psychological Defence. Their story is told via the means of an animation that focuses on Total Defence in a perception that not many do. 

In the aspect of Civil Defence, they want to show the importance of staying alert so that we are alert in protecting our country in times of any imminent threats.

Secondly, Military Defence is brought out in showing how family members that are not part of the military or have yet to serve National Service can support those who are currently serving. 

As for Economic Defence, their emphasis is showcasing how all of us must remain open minded by making sure we open our eyes to new possibilities especially Aerospace Technology.

Close Up On The Flash Interface
Used For Animation Production

Social Defence is of great importance and the group's story wants to promote peace and harmony among each other in ensuring that everyone can work together to maintain a harmonious Multi Racial Society.

Lastly, for Psychological Defence their emphasis is that everyone has a part to play in the Total Defence of Singapore.

Spot Their Duck Mascots
Which of The Three Are Theirs?

That is why the story not only wants to tell everyone to focus on their "Vision" in looking out for anything that threatens Singapore's Safety but also to support every single National Service man as they embark on their journey to learn more about Defence. This is to ensure that everyone feels safe as they know that we are well-protected by everyone in this country.