Magnolia presents the all-new Magnolia Wafer Ice-Cream Sandwiches - bringing the nostalgia of the 'ice-cream hawker cart' closer to home

Magnolia presents the all-new Magnolia Wafer Ice-Cream Sandwiches - bringing the nostalgia of the "ice-cream hawker cart" closer to home

Magnolia Wafer Ice-Cream Sandwiches - Available in three different flavours; Yam, Durian and Chocolate

Many Singaporeans share fond memories of savouring a pastel-hued bar of ice cream sandwiched between thin and crisp wafers or soft rainbow bread, served with a smile by the well-loved ice cream hawker cart ‘uncles’. F&N Creameries brings this classic treat closer to home with the new MAGNOLIA Wafer, offering the goodness of ice cream cushioned between two tasty wafers. The biscuit is on the softer side and it's not the crispy kind you usually find in the supermarket. However, the ice-cream is similar to the ones you'll usually find from the hawker cart. The shape and the size, really brings back good old memories.

Growing up in Singapore, we have had firsthand taste and enjoyment of the region’s plethora of enticing flavours. From fruits to sweet treats spanning diverse cuisines, the many tastes of Asia leave unforgettable impressions. A uniquely Singaporean creation is the ice cream sandwich, where a thick block of ice cream is wedged between thin wafers or a slice of soft bread. Commonly found at ice cream hawker carts that roam around neighbourhoods and city streets, the ice cream sandwich is ever-popular with both young and old. Now, the new MAGNOLIA Wafer range offers three enticing variants that pay homage to this delicious confection, conveniently packed and ready for everyone’s enjoyment!

Soft wafers bracketing a generous bar of velvety chocolate ice cream form the MAGNOLIA Wafer Chocolate, a classic flavour oozing the simple nostalgia of childhood. An evergreen flavour, the frozen confection is packed with the rich taste of chocolate. Durian lovers will be thrilled with MAGNOLIA Wafer Durian, an ice cream sandwich yielding the King of Fruit’s exquisite flavour and aroma. A thick-cut block of rich durian ice cream is pressed between skinny wafers, delivering an intense explosion of the fruit’s unmistakably seductive aroma and bittersweet goodness. MAGNOLIA Wafer Yam captures the sweet creaminess of yam, a starchy tuber that is a staple in many tropical countries. Wafers hugging the luscious slab of purple ice cream present an easy and fuss-free way to enjoy the mild nuttiness and subtle floral notes of yam.
 MAGNOLIA Wafer ice cream sandwiches prices
The new MAGNOLIA Wafer ice cream sandwiches is now available at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets islandwide; Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$1.10 for single serves and the RSP of S$4.35 for multipacks of four

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