BINGGRAE - Samanco & Pantoa Variants of Ice-Cream is finally available here in Singapore at participating stores


F&N Creameries
continues to serve up Singaporeans’ love for all things Korean with two confectionary variants by the popular Korean brand BINGGRAE SAMANCO and PANGTOA. The SAMANCO and PANGTOA ranges provide not just the pure satisfaction of an ice cream treat, but with an additional indulgence of a wafer or chiffon cake.

The SAMANCO variants comprise a tasty wafer layer which envelopes a generous portion of creamy vanilla ice cream containing fillings of different flavours, while the PANGTOA variants offer a generous block of high quality, rich ice cream sandwiched by two layers of pillow-soft chiffon cake.

The two refreshing variants of ice cream are the perfect desserts for anyone to indulge in, and to keep cool in the warm, tropical climate of Singapore.

Win a trip for 2 to Seoul, Korea
ith $10 purchase of Binggrae Samanco Icecream
From now until 28th February 2018, consumers stand to win a trip to Seoul, South Korea with BINGGRAE! Organised by F&N Creameries, every $10 purchase of BINGGRAE SAMANCO ice cream entitles consumers to 1 chance at winning the lucky draw.

The trip for two includes return economy air tickets from Korean Air, 3 nights of twin share accommodation at a 3-star Seioso Hotel or similar, and round-trip shared airport transfer. All entries are to be submitted via SMS by 2nd March 2018.

Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please email or call +65 6430 0566.


Red Bean and SAMANCO Strawberry are available in multipacks of four 150ml pieces at major supermarkets and hypermarkets at RSP of S$8.80. SAMANCO Sweet Potato and SAMANCO Green Tea are available as 150ml single serves at FairPrice, Cheers, Shine Korea and selected provision stores at RSP of S$2.30. 

PANGTOA Cookies and Cream is available in a multipack of five 180ml pieces at major supermarkets and hypermarkets at RSP of S$10.90. PANGTOA Chocolate (150ml) and PANGTOA Red Velvet (180ml) are available in single serves at FairPrice, Cheers, Shine Korea and selected provision stores at RSP of S$2.30, while PANGTOA Blueberry (180ml) is only available at Shine Korea and selected provision stores at RSP of S$2.30

Enjoy all-time Korean favourite right here in Singapore 

Inspired by the bungeoppang – an all-time favourite Korean street snack that is a carp-shaped pastry filled with red bean paste, ice cream lovers can now enjoy the adaptation of Korean favourite snack offered by SAMANCO. First introduced in Korea in 1991, SAMANCO ice cream has enthralled consumers with its distinctive carp-shaped wafer crust containing a generous filling of vanilla ice cream, layered with different flavours.

SAMANCO Red Bean is a signature product that pairs vanilla ice cream with a satisfying layer of red bean paste. For lovers of berries, SAMANCO Strawberry is a constant source of delight with its delectable strawberry sauce, layered atop vanilla ice cream.

SAMANCO Sweet Potato, a pleasurable treat for those who cherish the tuber’s nutty and creamy taste in the form of sweet potato syrup spread on top of sweet potato ice cream. The latest flavour to join the SAMANCO range is SAMANCO Green Tea, serving up the classic combination of fragrant green tea ice cream with a layer of red bean paste. 

Indulge in bite-sized ‘ice cream sponge cake’ while on the go with PANGTOA

First launched in Korea in 1993, PANGTOA, which is translated as ‘bread and ice cream’ in Korean, presents ice cream and cake lovers with the best of both worlds. A hearty serving of velvety smooth ice cream of varying flavours sandwiched between two layers of pillow-soft sponge cake, PANGTOA is the perfect combination of flavours and textures in every bite. 

PANGTOA Cookies and Cream is an enjoyable cool treat with the full flavours of cookies and cream with crispy cookie pieces, in between two layers of sponge cakes. For ardent chocoholics, PANGTOA Choco Chiffon is a satisfying delight with rich and creamy chocolate ice cream, sandwiched between two layers of good old classic chocolate sponge cake. 

Recently joining the PANGTOA range are PANGTOA Red Velvet and PANGTOA Blueberry. PANGTOA Red Velvet consists of a fluffy red velvet cake overlaying refreshing cream cheese ice cream, while PANGTOA Blueberry bursts with the tarty flavour of the berry, with a generous block of blueberry ice cream placed in between two layers of soft blueberry sponge cakes.

Founded in 1967, with the mission to create a healthy and delightful food culture, BINGGRAE has constantly been innovating and coming up with new tastes and improve ice cream quality in Korea. With its new creative and innovative products that grew to be popular with its consumers, BINGGRAE is able to strengthen and gain a strong standing in the domestic ice cream industry in Korea. 

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