N.E.mation! 10 Top 10 Team - Duck Duck Glucose's Team Aims & Ideologies

N.E.mation 10!
Duck Duck Glucose's Aims & Ideologies
Cedar Girl's Secondary School

Ong Jing Wen
(15 Years Old)

Jing Wen who takes part actively in her Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), Infocomm club together with Haziqah and Samantha. They took part in this N.E.mation! contest every single year since Secondary 1 and was very determined into getting into one of the Top 10 Teams. This year was the first year that they entered the Top 10 Team finalist and they were really happy that their efforts paid off.

Jing Wen is someone of great positivity that always makes funny puns which boost the group's morale through their never ending joy and laughter. 

She feels that being able to be in the Top 10 is a surreal experience and is superbly grateful to have gotten this opportunity to finally produce their very own idea through a video animation. All in all, it is the journey that matters and not the final results so even if the group doesn't win she feels that all that matters is that they've already put in their best efforts into this contest.

Samantha Gladys Tjong
(15 Years Old)

Samantha is a shy yet determined girl and is also the leader of the team. Despite many failed attempts during the past few N.E.mation! contest. She still tried her very best to improve herself from all her past experiences in the previous contests.

She made it up only to the Top 40 in Secondary 1 and only got as far to Top 100 in Secondary 2. This year she led the team under much changes to progress into the Top 10 of N.E.mation! 10. She felt really contented and honored to have been given this opportunity to turn their story into reality as they had to sacrifice a lot during the one week selection period during the holiday period. 

She also said that they had difficulty completing all their homework due to the commitments required of them for this contest. However, they managed to balanced it out after getting used to the momentum. 

She enjoyed this process and is glad that she had this experience with her fellow peers and wouldn't feel disheartened with the outcomes of this contest as she felt that the journey matters the most too. 

Nur Haziqah Abdul Rahman
(15 Years Old)

Haziqah went through exactly the same thing as Jing Wen as they were in the same team since Secondary 1. 

However, I feel that Haziqah has great potential as she portrays herself as someone that people can depend on. She is confident and cheerful which gives her a prospective future in the working industry. This is because she need not worry about any obstacles faced in the future as she can calmly tackle it in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Lynette Cheow
(15 Years Old)

This is Lynette 1st time participating in N.E.mation! contest because unlike the rest of the team members, she isn't in the same CCA, Infocomm Club.

This means that she has never been exposed to animation production before. However, the team was given the opportunity to add a member in when they got into the Top 10 Teams this year. Lynette whom didn't want to forego such a fantastic opportunity, decided to join them as she would be proceeding into Secondary 4 next year and would no longer get such a great chance like this. 

One of the main reasons that she joined was because she had saw some of the previous works from different groups before and felt that it would be interesting to try it out too.

She is very determined in ensuring that the other team member efforts into getting into Top 10 is not gone to waste. Moreover, she felt honored and grateful for being added into their group especially when she did not have the same amount of experience as compared to the rest.

Our 1st Candid Shot
(Our Memories During Production Phase)

Our 2nd Candid Shot
(Our Memories During Production Phase)

Our Last Candid Shot
We Had A Great Time Together During Production Phase & I Hope That All Their Efforts Will Be Paid Off!

Let The Ducks Unite
 Wait For Their Final Product As That's The One You Definitely Must Not Miss!