N.E.mation! 10 Top 10 Team - NEtitanxII's Team Aims & Ideologies

N.E.mation 10
NEtitanxII's 's Team Aims & Ideologies
They Call Themselves The "God Of Praxinoscope"

A Funny Team Of Positive Students
Never Giving Up Despite All The Hurdles They Needed To Overcome
Beatty Secondary School

Ang Jia Shing Adeline
(15 Years Old)

Adeline is meticulous and focuses intuitively in whatever she does as one can easily see the amount of efforts that she put into ensuring that the images are as flawless as possible. She showed great compassion in her work as she enjoys animation too like the rest of them. 

She will always make funny jokes to ensure that the dynamics and the morale of the team is strong. A cheerful and bubbly person like her is really important in ensuring that the team does not sway away from their goals due to undesired feelings of negativity that may arise when stumbling upon a difficult problem.

As mentioned, this project of using the Praxinoscope to showcase Total Defence in a different perspective requires a lot of time and efforts. They had to stay till as late at 10pm to complete whatever they set out to do for the day. This was to ensure that they could finish their product on time. However, being one of the last few to leave the production venue may be quite demoralizing but Adeline and Fazlin's positivity has really influenced the team in ensuring that they did not give up.

Evan Tan Jia Ho
(14 Years Old)

Evan Tan may be the youngest in the team but he works really hard in ensuring that the team succeeds in whatever they set out to do. He always strives for the best by ensuring that the work done is of a certain standard before proceeding on. He is meticulous and very helpful in making sure that his peers are well aware of what are the outstanding problems that are needed to be rectified and completed.

He will try his very best to correct some mistakes that his peers may have made, which makes him a very capable and reliable teammate that the team can really rely on. He took the initiative to help out with the addition of colors to certain portions of the images that they were working on when Adeline ran into certain problems doing so due to certain software complications. 

Muhd Zulfazlin Bin Zainal
(15 Years Old)

Muhd Zulfazlin is a cheerful and carefree student that always maintains his positivity in whatever he does by cracking jokes day in and out. He is a korean fanatic that always try his best to stand out with his exotic moves and poses so that he can look as fabulous as possible but will always make all his peers laugh at his "Self Believed Glamorous" acts.

This is why he never fails to make his group lively and cheerful despite the long hours they had to do over-time to complete their entire project that is finally nearing its end this Friday. His role that strikes like a catalyst to boost the Team's Morale is really important in ensuring that they will never give up despite how tough it may be.

Chua Hui Min
(16 Years Old)

Hui Min is the oldest among the entire team and is by far the only Secondary Four Student who took part in N.E.mation!. This is because most of them would stop other commitments to focus on O Levels but she chose to strive for her dreams in this area of interest and tried to balance out her studies with this commitments.

During Secondary One, she joined N.E.mation! 7 and was one of the teams to make it to the "Top 100". This was a great achievement for the school at that point of time as it was the first batch of Secondary One students to made it that far. 

However, they did not make it past the "Top 40 Teams" but that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. She was so determined in getting to the "Top Ten Teams" that she decided to joined back N.E.mation! 8. However, their team during that particular year didn't make it to "Top 100". However, not only did she not gave up but also persevered to join again this year after learning from all her past mistakes.

She was then appointed a new position in a new group, NEtitanxII which only already had Fazlin and Adeline. However, an additional member could be added when they got in the Top 10 Teams and Hui Min went to search for a friend that would be interested to join too. Evan showed great interests and decided to join the team.

All in all, Hui Min showed such a great passion for this particular area of interest that she went to apply for Direct-Poly Admission (DPA). She used this experiences gained from N.E.mation! to write a 600 words essay that was submitted together with her DPA Application.

She was superbly happy that managed to get a place in the Animation Course she wanted in Nanyang Polytechnic.

An Awesome & Cheerful Team
They Are Definitely Confident & Ready To Embrace Whatever They Seek

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