Thai Buffet at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant Located at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore (Available From 18th October 2013 to 3rd November 2013)

Feast@East Buffet Restaurant
@ Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore,
Level 3, 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square
Thai Buffet at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant
Available Only From 

18th October 2013 to 3rd November 2013
Restaurant Layout

Buffet Prices


Monday to Sunday
Adult: S$43++ per person Child: S$22++ per child Senior Citizen: S$35 nett

Monday to Thursday
Adult: S$46++ per person Child: S$23++ per child Senior Citizen: S$36 nett

Friday to Sunday and Eve of Public Holiday
Adult: S$48++ per person Child: S$24++ per child Senior Citizen: S$38 nett

*All prices are inclusive of a can of coconut drink per person including children.*

At Dinner, adult diners have a choice of a complimentary can of Coconut drink, a glass of draught beer or a glass of wine.

Highlights of The Thai Buffet Spread
Amazing Spread of Thai Delights & Desserts
Photo Taken With Chef Stanley
Scrumptious Laksa Cooked With Various Amazing Spices & Ingredients
(Available All Year Round)

Delicious Laksa Cooked with Cockles also known as "See Hum" in Hokkien and Kerang in Malay is simply scrumptiously delightful.

This Laksa Dish is cooked with the right amount of coconut giving it a light overall taste which isn't too overly heavy as there are many other Thai Delights that many have yet to venture.

For a person who don't really eat much Laksa as I usually do not like eating noodles with something too milky, I felt that this is something just right for me and simply a "light dish" to spice up your day before the main course of Thai Cuisine.

Afraid That Your Guests/Friends
Might Not Be Use To The Unique Acquired Taste Of The Numerous Thai Cuisine?

Don't Be Afraid !!
There Are Always Other Amazing Scrumptious Delights Available

Mountain of Wasabi
What's Sashimi Without Wasabi?
Pomelo Salad
(Yam Som Oh)

Spicy Appetizer that gives you a shock down your tongue which triggers an amazing sensational spicy hot feeling.

Accompanied by Sweet Pomelo that gives an overall sweet and spicy taste that brings out the Thai Cuisine's specialty range of sweet and spicy dishes.

Green Papaya Salad
(Som Tom)

A Light Appetizer to Kick Start Your Meal to warm you up for the hot spices of the thai cuisine. A mixture of vegetables and papaya that gives an overall sweet taste.

Tom Yam Goong
(Tom Yam Soup)

Mild Soup with an abundance of ingredients that is not too spicy but just right to suit the taste buds of people who cannot really take spicy spices well.

Thai Prawn Cake
(Crispy & Delicious)

 Perfectly Fried Crisp Brown Prawn Cake that is not oily but yet filled with abundance of prawns that is crispy, crunchy and sweet all in one.

Aromatic Fragrant Pineapple Fried Rice
(Simply Awesome)

A dish that I would never miss out during my dine-ins in any Thai Restaurant, Pineapple fried rice is sweet and filled with an abundance of ingredients such as cashew nuts, pineapples, floss and many more ingredients.

Crunchy & Fragrant rice that is well cooked sufficiently with the pineapples to give it its aromatic fragrance and taste.

Pad Thai

Mouth-Watering "Phad Thai" is my all time favorite dish whenever I enter any Thai Restaurant as it is filled with goodness and nuts that simply gives you the extra crunch with every bite. This Phad Thai has the sufficient kick to bring off a nice mixture of sweet, spicy-salty and a sour taste.

Stir-Fried Prawn With Thai Basil Leaves
(Fresh & Succulent Prawns)

Fresh, Juicy & Crunchy Prawns that is well fried and delectably scrumptious.

Red Curry Beef
(Tender Beef Meat with Spicy Hot Red Curry)

Deliciously cooked tender beef is one of the most tender beef that I've ever eaten. It is so tender that its just so easy to bite that the curry just blends so well with the meat and spices. Simply Awesome & I recommend everyone to try this dish.

Deep-Fried Seabass in Thai Chilli
(Fresh & Delicious)

Crispy Seabass seasoned with Thai Chilli gives an overall sweet and spicy taste to the dish, the delicious crispy fish just taste simply awesome.

Array Of Desserts
(Favorite: Sticky Rice With Mango)

For those who have been to Bangkok before Sticky Rice with Mango is a popular dessert in Bangkok. 

Durian Paste

But for all 
Durian Lovers which includes me, I'll choose to mix the all time favorite Durian paste that will always be available on any of Feast@East Buffet spread, to the sticky rice mixture which is simply delicious and delectable.

A Candid Shot With Zayden
We Both Enjoyed Our Meal & Ended Off With A Smile

So Why Not Head Down Tomorrow!
Eat & Enjoy The Amazing Delights From Thailand & Leave With A Smile Too?

*Take Note That All Food Are Served in a Buffet Spread and photos of dishes on plates are just for illustration purposes.*

For Reservations
Visit, call 63405665 or e-mail