SCS is selling an UP-SIZED Block of SCS Unsalted/Salted Butter for a Limited Period of Time (Ramadan and Hari Raya Period in 2016) - The Best Butter Companion For Bakers

SCS Butter
Twin Pack Unsalted Butter/Salted Butter
Specially For Bakers

(Up from the Usual 227g)

Since videos on recipes across social media platforms are usually a delight to watch, inspiring us to get down to baking so that we may enjoy our own creation. Baking, whether it is done alone, with family, or with friends, can be a delightful process, worth every bit of effort put in. 

Be it a cake, pastry, or cookie, the result is a yummy representation of the passion and dedication one devotes to the art of baking. I've included one below for your reference.

Here's a fun and tasty video recipe to make your very own molten chocolate lava cake 

Check out the video that I've included in this post to get some inspiration on how to put the Baker's Favorite SCS Butter to good use this upcoming holiday. The twin pack of 250g is specially made to bring out the ease in baking. 

Cake Recipes with 250g or 125g butter requirement can be easily baked without the need for any hassle in measurement.
With this in mind, SCS hopes to ignite the passion for baking with the iconic SCS Butter that has provided the foundation for many delicious baked goods recipes. SCS Butter remains the butter of choice in reproducing the best kept family recipes and preserving the traditional elements of the past, while mirroring the tastes of the present and inspiring creations of the future.

SCS Butter retains its signature texture and mouthfeel, having undergone a double churn process that gives it the familiar rich and creamy taste. Made from 100% Australian grass-fed cows’ milk, without the addition of any artificial colouring, additives, preservatives, or hormones, SCS Butter also comes complete with Vitamins A, D, E, and K, securing its role as the preferred butter for generations.

SCS Butter
Twin Pack Salted Butter
250g For A Limited Period of Time
To Cater To The Needs of Bakers

SCS will be selling an upsized block of SCS Unsalted/Salted Butter: from 227g to 250g (10% extra) during the Ramadan and Hari Raya period. Even better, consumers can now find the limited edition 

SCS Butter Twin Pack
(two blocks of Salted or Unsalted butter)
RSP: $7.75 (U.P. $11.30) at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets, only while stocks last.

SCS Butter is your best companion this upcoming June school holidays, and also over the Ramadan and Hari Raya period. 

I hope this post will give you some spark of inspiration for activities to engage in during this upcoming summer holiday.

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