Your favorite BURGER KING® is now just an app away!

BURGER KING® Singapore’s newest mobile app

lets you ditch the fuss of queuing up so you can enjoy the thrill of zipping straight to collect your order! 

BURGER KING® Singapore’s mobile app walk-through video

Burger fans will be excited to learn that BURGER KING® Singapore has enhanced their mobile app with a self-pickup feature, a new function which allows customers to pre-order their meals via the app and collect their orders at a self-appointed time at their preferred outlet. 

BURGER KING® Singapore’s mobile app's feature enables customers to quickly pick up their meals with ease

From facilitating instant communication to providing helpful resources with a simple tap on the screen, mobile devices have transformed lifestyles. Daily routines, such as planning the day’s meals, have been simplified with the integration of mobile technology. 

With the launch of the self-pickup feature on BURGER KING® Singapore’s mobile app, customers can bid adieu to the hassle of waiting in line! The convenient feature enables customers to quickly pick up breakfast to kick-start their day, grab snacks to eat on the go, or collect their orders for gatherings with family and friends. 

Customers who usually prefer customised burgers are welcome to add their favourite ingredients to their burgers via the app to enjoy their meals just the way they like it. 
BURGER KING® wants all customers to savour their meals and have enjoyable, quality dining experiences with us.

“At BURGER KING®, we recognise that time is important to our customers,” said Ms Kym Lee, Marketing Manager of BURGER KING® Singapore. By integrating technology into our operations, BURGER KING® offers customers the convenience to plan their meals in advance, so that they can easily pick up and tuck into their favourite BURGER KING® meals at their preferred time.

The Burger King Singapore app is a must-have for any burger fan. In addition to the convenience of ordering via the app for delivery or self-pickup, app users can easily find out more on current BURGER KING® promotions, coupons for special deals, and the nearest BURGER KING® stores

Simply checking into the mobile app once a day also scores users an assortment of daily and weekly login rewards, such as free sides with value meal purchases or promotional prices on menu items! The login rewards can be used on purchases made via the app for self-pickup, making it even easier to enjoy your favourites from BURGER KING®

The Burger King Singapore app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The self-pickup function will be rolled out in phases to BURGER KING® stores islandwide. For more information on BURGER KING®, please visit BURGER KING's website here.

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