Kaviel Teo's 24th Birthday Party - Memories & personal account of how I felt about the past few years of celebrtions and parties

Kaviel Teo's 24th Birthday
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Wow! Time past really fast, doesn't it? It's been more than a year since I last celebrated my birthday. I figured that it was time to catch up on old memories and blog about my birthday that happened last year. To be honest, I was never one to bother much about fame, and I was shocked to hear "Haters' words" being spread over the years. I'm actually quite immune to it as I feel that I've always been inspired by the joy of seeing others enjoying a party that I planned while getting to know new friends along the way. I've always planned parties not only for the joy and the fun of having the companions around me but most importantly, it was for all of my fellow friends out there, who have helped me throughout my journey, to enjoy a great time and catch up with each other on what they've missed. If I had the means to host a huge party with every single friend I have out there, I would. However, I do not currently have the means to as I've yet to enter the workforce. For those who wondered why I did not invite you, why not take some time to think about it? My intentions for hosting such huge parties were pure and were never meant to start a rift between friends. I would always try to invite friends I often keep in touch with.

This is why I don't fathom why some "acquaintances" would like to say "Walao eh! you good la why you never invite me to your party?" when they see me. If you're someone who keeps in touch and I missed you out, I am sincerely sorry as I might have missed you out due to the intensive planning of the party. However, if you've not kept in touch for a long while and expect an invitation to be sent out, I feel it's quite weird, isn't it?

It's sad that I face problems like this but I guess I'm still happy that throughout the countless parties I had over these years, I still have reliable friends that I can always rely on. In the realistic world, there's always bound to be haters lying around in the midst. My mom will always try to advise me not to bother about those people that are "J" about your life and the way you want to lead it. This is the advice I believe those budding and "fellow peers and like-minded individuals" out there that are currently or might be facing similar issues in life, should adhere to.

Kindergarten shot of me

As you all may not be aware of, I've never had it good at the start of my life. I started from scraps, trying to save as much as I can to ensure that I would not add on any additional burden to my single mom who has been trying really hard to scrimp and save to ensure my brothers and I get the best at least. It was all thanks to the support from my family; especially my aunts that have supported me throughout my journey in life, which enabled me to achieve what I have achieved up till now.

I was studious when I was younger, but it became tougher as family problems became a problem for me. From eating leftovers when I was younger to being independent and saving up to pay off my school fees, I felt that I've accomplished a lot in life already. It was never easy achieving such a feat like this and I would recommend everyone out there who is facing such a similar situation out there, to always believe in the need of having a "strong-willed attitude!" First, you'll have to know these two different phrases; one being "never try never know" and the other being "persevere for the greater good." Secondly, employ them in real-life situations. One example is that when you're uncertain of something or you're uncertain of an outcome, face the situation by thinking positive and approaching it in a manner that you'll naturally do. Never be succumbed by the fear of not knowing the outcome or the fear of losing or not getting what you want. The second example is that if you're interested in someone, go ahead and strive towards getting to know him/her, never be taken aback by your lack of self-esteem.

Let it flow naturally and even if it doesn't work out, you wouldn't live with regrets of not knowing what the outcome might be. This is the power of "if" that impacts your life negatively. Therefore, never let the word "if" cloud your mind and judgement as things might turn out to favour your interest instead. 

One last example is that when you're facing issues with your studies, always approach your lecturer for help, and keep that "eagerness to learn" growing deep within. This is the employment of the second phrase that I mentioned, which is to persevere towards achieving a desired positive outcome.

These phrases have been useful for my journey in life and I'll now pass it down to all my readers out there. All in all, all these phrases will boil down to one single sentence which is "as long as you've the will to do something, nothing is impossible as long as you don't give up and strive hard towards achieving your goals and dreams!"

Recently, I learnt a lot from someone special in my life. He told me to always remember this word whenever you encounter a problem in life, which is none other than "TIGER", which means "this is good enough really!"  This is the approach we should have in life when the outcome isn't what we expect it to be. I know sometimes it may be tough to approach life in this manner, but it's important to take note and appreciate what we have currently as we are already blessed to have such a wonderful life, filled with people around us. It's time we take things one step at a time and try not to have too many expectations on what's to come.

Anyway, I've been blabbering too much about life problems and lecturing you guys out there on how you should proceed with life, it's time to continue with this blog post on what happened last year. Before that, I'm going to confess something "WOOTS! I'M GRADUATING SOON!" and my commencement is happening one day after my actual birthday, which is none other than 16th July 2018. I'm actually quite excited as I'll be not only celebrating my upcoming birthday soon with my friends, but I'll be able to put on my graduation gown at both my birthday party and NUS commencement.

I'm taking an entire year of a break before I look for a job as I'll not only want to enjoy a well-deserved break but also to clear off certain goals and admin work before I start working. I believe there's no other opportunity to get a break like this. Once I start working, things will start to get hectic. I shall now continue the blog post with some pictures that was taken during my #throwback birthday party that happened last year before my HANYANG University Summer Exchange.

Always keep that smile on and look forward to the positivity in life - thanks @catandthefiddles for the awesome cakes that you've provided me with on my birthday last year

Things may seem harsh at times but take it easy, just like me. To be honest, planning birthday parties was never easy, but I got accustomed to doing so after countless years of planning and experience. It's similar to facing obstacles in life, no matter what obstacles that I had faced in life, I managed to brave through it and become better from it. Therefore, it's always about how you perceive life to be and how we go about solving, planning and making decisions that enable us to get the desired outcome we want.

Let's cut the morbidity also and proceed to explore and view the fun moments of my birthday last year.

Jonathan Loh (@thejonnieboy) and Michael - Jonathan弟弟, I'm glad that you've grown up and gotten stronger over the years
Joon Tong & Jared Tan - Thanks for being amazing friends that have always been there for me. More Karaoke sessions to come ah JT!
Bloggers Unite - You've been a great bunch of friends that created many awesome memories together -attending events and having fun together
Double Twins - My Dual Twin group mates from Singapore Polytechnic, that I'll always share my problems with. I'm sorry that we've drifted quite a bit recently, but I hope we'll be able to reconnect soon! 
Family - The pillar of support and foundation that I'll always cherish
Cheery and always smiling friend - Kenned Yo
Fellow Friends - Ivan Juen, Sean Lim, Alfred Yeo, Shaun Lee, Ebenezer Yoon & Justin Goh
Drinking Buddies  - Daniel Heng & Benjamin Wu
Daniel, thanks for being that awesome buddy who will always come down directly to find me whenever I needed someone to drink with!
Benjamin, you got to control your drinks too uh! Don't get too high and start interrupting people's beer pong session 
Awesome cute bear cakes made by @temptationcakes
The Onesies Gang
Maximus and Wei Chen
Yen San - An awesome friend, even though we no longer talk to each other, you were an awesome guy who has never failed to support me whenever needed. I'm sorry things happened the way it did. I hope time will heal...
Xin Ru - My awesome 妹妹! Thanks for always being so lovely and sweet!
Derrick Hiu, Samuel Chong & Robin - My supportive friends that have always been there for me over the years
Lovely Mom - Even though our picture is blurry, your efforts and your undying support and love that you've given me since I was a little kid was never unknown to me!
Shy Teng Hein Buddy - Thanks for always being there for me too!
Army Gang - Officer Samuel, SGT Kris, Mak, Hazmei and SGT Gary, thanks for making my army life so memorable and sweet!
Benjamin Lim, Yong Kuang & Yvonne - Thanks for the all the fun moments we had.
Kelvin Koh aka "Kel Kel" - I'll always appreciate those times you've taken care of me when I needed someone the most!
Eleanor, Bee Hui and Yen San
Jonathan Loh (@thejonnieboy) 弟弟
Dhaslie Chong (@dhaslie) the brother that took care of me during the good old clubbing days!
Double Jons - Jonathan Lee (its.leezheng) & Jonathan Loh (@thejonnieboy) 弟弟
Last but not least - Skye Tan (@skyetzk), Tyler Tan (@bahchormee_) & Jason Liaw (@jasonliaw) [Thanks Skye for always being the bartender each year and always being so supportive of my parties]
Memories of 2017's birthday party will always dwell within the hearts of those that attended. Let 2018 be a blast to remember too!