Frank Is Open in a 16-sqm Full Shipping Container In The Heart of the Central Business District - "Who said a container can only be used for shipping?”

Bun. Sausage. Beer
by Brotzeit

, Singapore’s first and only F&B full shipping container concept, has opened its doors, right in the heart of the Central Business District. 
An ISO-certified full shipping container is transformed into a working space of only 16 square metres (WOW!), which has been designed for mobility. It serves hot dogs with creative inspirations drawn from around the world in an open-air, vibrant atmosphere, it’s set to make a revolution in the city. It presents a completely new take on the traditional food and beverage space. 

At the heart of FRANK’s menu is the classic hot dog – which takes the bun, sausage and beer combination to a new level with its modern and creative interpretations. The thoughtfully curated range of hot dogs is set to shed new light on its clever range of global inspirations that has a strong focus on Asian influences from countries such as Korea, Japan and Singapore. 

My Personal Favourite

The K-Dog ($11), served up on a soft Asian bun and topped with a Kurobuta pork sausage, a generous dose of kimchi and Korean sweet spicy glaze, is a trendy favourite that pays homage to the prevalent Korean wave worldwide. It is what I call a perfect fusion of Korean & German cuisine.

This scrumptious hotdog bun is perfect for a quick bite, especially if you're rushing off to settle some errands around 1 Marina Boulevard. Don't forget to pair your hot dog with a bottle of locally made @ryepint Passion Fruit Beer that you'll definitely need, especially when you're out under Singapore's scorching weather!

If you suddenly changed your mind? No worries, the interconvertible multi-purpose recyclable packaging allows you to pack your hot dog immediately if you suddenly have some errands to run!
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Salted Egg Prank
Photo Credits: Frank's IG/FB

A localised version that will find its way easily into the Singaporean heart is the Salted Egg Frank ($15). It boasts a mighty combination of Singaporean favourites – crispy batter-fried squid sausage, spiced salted egg sauce with curry leaves – all in a deep fried Bao bun. Even though it isn't entirely made up of the Frank sausage meat that you're all accustomed too, I believe it's still quite a unique substitute that will leave you satisfied and yearning for seconds. "Prank" is indeed the word I'll tag this delicious Salted Egg Frank with. My suggestion is that you should share this with a friend as food with salted-egg flavour tends to be a little "JALAT."

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Tokyo Frank
Photo Credits: Frank's IG/FB

The Tokyo Frank ($12) presents a tantalising mix of the best of two worlds – Kurobuta pork sausage, daikon with miso dressing, nori, bonito flake and teriyaki glaze in an Asian bun. The overall flavour is rich and the dressing itself matches perfectly with the sausauge.

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Burger Dog
Photo Credits: Frank's IG/FB

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Other delectable selections on the menu include the Nürnberger Dog ($10), French Dog ($9) and the 7 Cheese Frank ($12). Sides such as Satay Chicken Sausage ($7), Potato Wedges ($4) and Fries ($4) are also available. During dinner, special hot dogs, such as the Curry Dog and the unconventional Burger Dog are paired with beer, with set prices of $15 and $22 respectively. I'll leave it up to you to judge whether the others are nice. I have to admit that I did try too many hot dog buns when I patronize this quaint place that day, but the K-Dog still left the greatest impression on me. If you're interested in the beef packed Burger Dog, be prepared as it is super-filling for the stomach. I believe it should be shared too if you want to try out other flavours. I tried that as my first dish and it already filled up about 1/2 of my stomach (metaphorically speaking)!

Photo Credits: Frank's IG/FB

FRANK by Brotzeit

1 Marina Boulevard (NTUC Centre)
Singapore 018989

“It's Time to Doll Up & Head There!” 
Frank is open for lunch and dinner daily from 11 am – 10 pm.