Brother Printer MFC-T800W - The Student's Choice for cost-effective and ultra-high page-yield printing of school notes & documents

Brother's Multi-Function Centre Printer
Brother's MFC-T800W Printer provides greater savings and smarter design with its Refill Tank System, which offers 6000 page-yield# for black ink & 5000 page-yield# for the colored ones.

This model has added capabilities to suit your daily needs. It optimises work productivity with fax, automatic document feeder, and wireless networking capability.

Purchase your printer at Retail Price (RP) SGD$398.00 at Hachi.Tech online today. The printer comes with one set of ink + a bonus bottle of black ink refill.
Purchase Your Inks Below via Hachi.Tech
Ink Refills as low as SGD$8.90
Yellow Ink Bottle Refill {BT5000Y} (RP SGD$8.90)
Black Ink Bottle Refill {BT6000BK} (RP SGD$11.90)
Magenta Ink Bottle Refill {BT5000M} (RP SGD$8.90)
Cyan Ink Bottle Refill {BT5000C} (RP SGD$8.90)
Vacuum-Packed & Sealed Tightly
Superb Quality-Control
As compared to other brands of printers I've used, Brother provides one of the most efficient printing experience ever. The inks are affordable for students, such as me, who heavily relies on the printer for school documents.

The bulk uses of black ink are seemingly becoming more common these days among students as they are relatively cheaper as compared to the coloured ones. If you were to head out to any of the printing shop, including those in school, you'll realise that it will cost you around 30-50 cents to print a document in colour. However, with Brother's MFC-T800W printer, I can finally add some colours into my notes without burning a big hole in my pocket.
BT6000BK v.s. BT5000 C/M/Y
6000 pages v.s. 5000 pages
41.8ml v.s.108.0ml
If you were to compare the prices of the black ink with the coloured ones, you're probably paying approximately twice the amount for the coloured ones. The inks yield are approximately the same but you'll have to consider the scale of the prints. Some coloured photos may require a larger volume of ink to print as compared to other graphics and photos. However, we do have to take note that each colour-printing will be balanced out over the three primary colours as they are the ones that reproduce other colours in the spectrum.

This means that different proportions of inks will be drained out according to individual prints. These means that you can safely assume that it is still relatively more affordable to print using the MFC-T800W as compared to other competitive brands that market their toner cartridges at two to four times their cost value.
2 Black Inks, 1 Cyan, 1 Yellow & 1 Magenta Ink Bottle
"These are the ink bottles included in the printer package"
There are numerous differences between toner cartridges and ink bottles but I would still prefer using the inkjet printers as they are relatively more affordable, effective and efficient. Most importantly, toner cartridges are meant for laser printers and ink cartridges are designed for inkjet printers. Ink is a liquid form of pigmentation, while toner is a fine powder. Each of them plays a very different role in the printing process of different types of printers.
Pros & Cons
Efficient Inkjet System v.s. Manual Duplex
The pros definitely outweigh the cons for this particular gadget. Even though the inability to do a duplex printing is a major setback for me. The printer is still able to print even pages at one shot while printing the odd pages when you re-feed them back into the system.

This is definitely a workaround to the old problems we used to have. The printers in the past could only print one-sided pages and we had to input them individually into the system to make it double-sided. It would not be wise to print a 100-page document using 100 pieces of paper so it was very time-consuming that people tend to forego the choice of being able to save 50 pieces of paper.

Despite the setback, this awesome printing system is still able to churn out quality prints at print speeds of up 11 ipm (mono), 6 ipm (colour) in normal mode {ISO/IEC 24734} and up to 27 ppm (mono) and 10 ppm (colour) in fast mode. This is why the affordable ink system is still the perfect choice for students as it can save us quite a bit of money when we're printing large stacks of notes for school. Not forgetting that we have many modules and subjects that would definitely require notes.
Front view of the MFC-T800W
Printing Capabilities & Specifications
1. Copy

2. Fax
3. Scanner

4. Printing & Wifi-Enabled

Refilling the MFC-T800W Multi Function Printer
Steps & Instructions
Ink-Storage Box Located on the Right Side of the Printer
1. Pull the tab downwards to open the cap
Carefully Labelled Above the Ink-Storage Box
2. Open The Cap & Remove Plastic Seal of Ink-Refill Bottle
Tightly Seal back the bottle cap thereafter
3. Squeeze the ink carefully into the ink tanks
Tightly seal back the ink-storage cap
3. Repeat the above steps for the rest of the inks
Always make sure the respective caps are closed tightly
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