Ace that First Impression & Look Smart & Sharp While Caring For Your Accessories with Colorwash

First Impressions & Leather Care

It's important to be able to make a proper first impression, especially when it is someone you are sincerely interested in. It takes about a few seconds at most, for people to assess your confidence, warmth, competence, status as well as trustworthiness. 

This passing of judgement that sets an opinion of you immediately at the first few seconds of meeting up may never change, which is why it's of utmost importance to set things straight right at the beginning.

There are a few important points that every single one of us have to take note off to ensure that you start off on the right track.

1. Build Awareness & Set a Purpose
2. Be conscious about your own Body Language
3. Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
4. Tone & Communication
5. Present Yourself Appropriately by means of "Proper Dressing"

Build Awareness & Set a Purpose
First, you'll have to ask yourself what's the purpose of the meet-up and build awareness that revolves around the person of interest. Ensure that you'll not crossed any boundaries at the very the very first date. You can never expect something out from the very first date or even expect anything out of this when you've just met. Expectations leads to disappointment, so the only way is to look forward to the future in a positive mindset.
Be conscious about your own Body Language
Upon meeting up, be yourself but not change to fit their preference. Hence, you'll have to not only consider the fact that you'll have to behave appropriately but also ensuring that you're not overly doing it in such a way that it is obvious and awkward.  
Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
No one likes a person who judges himself in such a way that makes himself feel bad and useless. It is important to show how confident you are in yourself. This is what people tend to like, as it gives them a sense of security and assurance.
Tone & Communication
Communication is the basis of all relationships, bonds and friendships. It is of utmost importance that you build on this no matter what the situation is. It is necessary to communicate in such a way that is comprehensible and straight to the point while ensuring precision in the conversation. The confidence in how you speak and communicate makes a whole lot of difference to how someone actually perceives that particular first impression of you.

You may be able to keep that first impression. However as times go by, it is necessary to be aware of how you speak. There is no point in raising your voice and coming into unnecessary conclusions without getting to the root of the problem so that you'll be able to resolve it quickly. Moreover, you'll also have to take note that you can never postpone your problems to another day and hope that it will be solved somehow. 
Present Yourself Appropriately by means of "Proper Dressing"
Overall appearance is what attracts someone at first sight. This is the important moment when someone approaches you to have their very first real-life conversation with you. The need to ensure that you're well dressed is readily stressed at this point. Even before any words are spoken out of your mouth, you're already being assessed by your counterpart. 
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Card Cases
are one of the most important essentials for guys like us, especially when you're out to the clubs or to some events that may require you to present some sort of name cards to your cilents. A bulky wallet are usually prevent these days as more and more guys prefer being cashless instead.

You'll see how Colorwash innovated their workshops while creating an amazingly quick, simplistic but nice card case holder further down this post.
Basic For Young Males
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Some Simple Last-Minute Rules To Take Note Before Dressing-Up
Workshop participants paying close attention to the steps involved for the cardholder

Going a step further in helping men look their best, ColorWash and The General Company teamed up for a joint workshop to share tips and tricks on leather usage and care to get the most mileage out of ones’ belongings.
Xie Hui of Stone For Gold showing workshop participants the steps to making a cardholder
Participants trying their hand at handcrafting a cardholder
Participants and Gemma with their finished cardholders
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f you accidentally swipe your folio or any of your leather goods fort that matter with a pen or getting food stains on it, do not panick as there's a remedy for this.

ColorWash's Soft Cleaner Wipes
Clean most common dirt and stains

Simply wipe them down with ColorWash’s Soft Cleaner Wipes for a quick and efficient clean. Should the stain is serious, pop by your nearest ColorWash outlets for a consultation with a ColorWash professional. 
Watch Strap By F Strapworks
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Don’t neglect your belts and watchstraps too. Treat them right with leather conditioner to extend their life expectancy, as it can help deter moisture and filth
Different Variation of Belt Straps
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If that belt you are wearing has been with you for a while now, all the more you should be kinder to it. Lightly scrub the belt on both sides with a banister brush covered with soap, dab it clean and dry with a hair-dryer held at least 15cm away from the belt. If all else fails, ColorWash is here for you and your accessories.
Gemma Gil
Founder and Managing Director of ColorWash Singapore
Gemma giving a demonstration on how the HD Transparent Coating works
ColorWash also offers the High Density Transparent Coating, which acts as an overcoat for bags and shoes.
High Density Transparent Coating
Here is what's so unique about this particular coating?
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Basically this HD Transparent Coating, created by Colorwash, the leading professional cleaning service provider in leather and fabric items, is the first of its kind in the market.

A simple application of this coating provides a molecular-level silicone-based defense, which is twice as effective against food and water stains as compared to any other coating. This is simply an innovative breakthrough, which is one that can definitely put our minds at ease.

It is also known that silicone not only provides effective protection against stains, but also prolongs material lifespan by fending off abrasions, heat and ultraviolet light and also wicks off moisture and heat while minimizing oxidation and discoloration on the surface of the leather goods.

Professional Cleaning for Bags & Shoes
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Now both your existing and new belongings fresh off the shelves can last longer and look better. 

ColorWash has a team of experienced specialists who are trained in the most effective and current methods of protection, cleaning and coloring. The experts individually assess items sent in. 

If maintaining and keeping your personal accessories in a pristine condition is too much work for you; head down to any of the nearest ColorWash Singapore outlets listed below.

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