Kaviel Teo's 23rd Birthday Celebration (A Birthday Bash With Over ~100Pax This Year) #KAVIEL23 #KAV23 #2016

Kaviel Teo's 23rd Birthday Celebration
An Exclusive Birthday Party For My Friends
Nico Chris, Derick Tan, Samuel Chong & Kelvin Koh
More Than 100 Pax Turned Up For My Birthday
Firework Candles That I'm Selling On Carousell
19.8cm Candles  That Lasts Around 50 Seconds
Purchase Them Here
Zhong Yu
Balloon Artist
The Guy Behind The Scenes Who Made The Beautiful Balloon Backdrop
Free Lance Balloon Artist
Contact Number: +65 9837 6795
My Supportive & Loving Mom
Always Helping Out In The Logistics of My Birthday Parties
William Tan
My Best Friend Since 2012 That Has Always Supported Me Throughout My Journey As An Influencer
My Best Friend Since Primary 5
Thanks For Being So Helpful, Even On My Birthday When I Was Dead Drunk
Leong Leong
My Supportive Alcoholic Best Friend That Made Me Drunk
Ester @ Yoke Loo Salon Pte. Ltd
She Works At This Hair Salon Nearby My House
The Interestingly Refreshing Hairstyle Comprising of Lines

281 Bukit Batok East Ave 3
Singapore 650281
Contact Number: 6566 3846

Operating Hours
Opens Daily: 10AM–8PM
Alcohol Stash Before The Party Started
Had Over 80 Bottles When Most of My Friends Came!
Bathtub Filled With 90KG of Uni-Tat's Big Tube Ice
Cost-Effective Way Of Chilling Your Beverages
Uni-Tat Ice & Marketing Pte Ltd
Cheap & Reliable Ice Supplier
| !!! WOW !!!|
Went Online & Found This Supplier I Bought a Total of 144kg of "Big Tube Ice"

Price: $5/18KG

Price: $10/18KG
(Additional $5/KG)
(Minimum 2 Packs)

Styrofoam Box
Price: $5/Small Box
Price: $7/Medium Box
Price: $12/Big Box

Uni-Tat Ice and Marketing Pte Ltd
51 Ubi Ave 1
#01-26 Paya Ubi Industrial Park 
Singapore 408933

Look For Earl For Large Orders
Tel: 67448484 | Fax: 67445088
Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Price: S$259.00
Purchase it online here
With an 8 hour battery life + Easy USB charging the Klipsch Groove Bluetooth® speaker is designed to bring big sound wherever the road takes you. 

Room filling sound that fits in the palm of your hand has never been more fun or long lasting.
Splash Resistant IPX4 Rating
(Protecting You from the Friend that Spills Everything)
*Personally Tested & Proven*
I've gathered feedback from this birthday party that housed over 100 people on the 16th July 2016 and most of them were surprised by the sound quality that was reproduced by such a compact speaker.

It is able to reach extreme decibels that is crucial criteria whenever you're looking for a portable speaker. For example, songs like "Titanium" by David Guetta do not sound muffled or distorted upon reaching the highly exhaustive chorus.

Read more about it here

Mini-Buffet Catering
For My 23rd Birthday Celebration @ Hotel Jen Tanglin
Ordered via Foodline Singapore
Look at the Amount of Dishes I've Requested To Change

1. Baked Sambal Fish Fillet

2. Cereal Prawn

3. Seaweed Chicken

4. Fried Wanton with Tartar Dip

5. Pineapple Fried Rice

6. Fried Chicken Mid Wing

7. Cheng Tng Delights

8. Wok Fried Hong Kong Noodle

9. Chicken With Sweet & Sour Sauce

Fried Chicken Mid Wing
Fried Wanton with Tartar Dip
Seaweed Chicken
Pineapple Fried Rice
Wok Fried Hong Kong Noodle
My honest opinion is that foodline.sg is an amazing website to get the right caterer for your event. However, I would prefer the first caterer that I wanted to order from as It had better reviews as compared to this caterer. It was due to certain constraints in delivery that led to a decision in finding an alternative instead.

Personal Caterer Rating: 3.8/5
More Improvements On The Taste Of The Food Can Be Made

Overall Experience With Foodline.sg
Rating: 5/5
Photo Credits: Social Commerce
Bottled String Lights
Hand-Made Using Empty Alcohol Bottles & String Lights
Corlissa Ling
My Alcoholic Crime Buddy In Arms!
Alfred Yeo
The Mysterious Yet Funny Joker That I Met During Ebenezer's Birthday Party. A Rare Friend Indeed 
Champagne Shower With Dominic Buddy
An Awesome "Army Regular" Friend That Has Always Been There For Me
Tan Wei Jie
Devoted In His Cause For The Love Of Plants

Check Out & Purchase His Beautiful Collection Here
Or Check Out His Instagram Here
Jonathan Soh aka "Twinnie"
Another 15th July Baby
Lifestyle Blogger @ JtheJon 
Kentrick Low
A Brother That Was There At The Lowest Points of My Life 
Sophie Leow aka "BFF"
Lifestyle Blogger @ SophLeow

Thanks For Coming Down Despite Having Your Mom's Birthday Party On The Exact Same Day & Decorating My Room With Awesome Lights 
Xavier Yan
A Supportive & Caring Brother & Doctor-To-Be
Your Advises are Greatly Appreciated
Shan Mathi aka Talkative "NUS Bestie"
Thanks For Accepting Me For Who I Am & Hearing Me Out Whenever I Needed Someone To Talk To
Shan Mathi & Pavan
You Guys Are A Set Of Lovely Couples That Are Superbly Sporty!
Lifestyle Blogger @ Tse-Tsk
Thanks For Helping Me Take More Than 500 "Instax Shots" Over The Past Three Years
Tselyn & Sam Wee
Lovely Couple & Friends That I'll Never Want To Lose
Remember I'll Be That Guy Who Will Call You Randomly To Talk For Over An Hour Again!
Nah Mia Juat
Lifestyle Blogger @ Nahmj
Thanks For Being So Supportive, Despite Not Drinking Alcohol At All
Angie Applepie
Lifestyle Blogger @ AngieApplepie
Xin Ru aka "Mei Mei"
Thanks For Staying Over To Help Me Clear The Mess
Jonathan Loh aka "Didi"
Thanks For Helping Me, Your "Sweet-Burden" Brother With Tao Bao Purchases & All, You're Really An Awesome Younger Brother
Chin Zhao Yuan & Andy
Friendship is Golden When It's Well Appreciated
Melvin, Zerika Gan, Deb Sumiko Lee
Sisters & Brother That Has Never Failed To Be There To Club, Hear Me Out & Drink All Night Long
Zheng Kang aka "The Bufflord"
Handsome, Studious & Has This "Teacher-Lookbut Nevertheless, An Awesome & Funny Friend To Spend Time With
Kai Ting & Ken Seah
Lifestyle Blogger @ Kaitinghearts
Pek Meng, Edmund & Ivan Tai
Erzis & Newly Made Friend
Thanks For Taking Care Of Me Whenever I'm Troubled
Desmond & Isaac
First Time Meeting Up Properly
Thanks For Coming Despite Feeling A Little Awkward, I'm Glad You Guys Made Friends & We'll Definitely Go Out Soon
Kelvin Koh aka "Kel Kel"
You're One Of The Most Sweetest Friend Ever
You've Taken Such Good Care Of Me, Which I Feel Sincerely Indebted To.
Zoe Yeo
Habbo Hotel Mates To Secondary School Classmates
We've Grown Closer Over The Years & I Hope We'll Grow Even Closer, Pretty Babe!
Jun Xian aka "Gym Buddy"
Thanks For Taking Your Time Off For Me
I'm Glad To Have Made Friends With You Over The Years, Thanks For Taking Care of Me When I Was Drunk Last Time
Duncan & Dean
Duncan The Tall Giraffe That I'm Jealous of & Dean The "Five-Ten King"
Hong Peng
Lifestyle Blogger @ Hpility
Not Only Is He A July Baby Too But He Is Also A "Silent Lady-Killer" & Also An Awesome Great Friend!
CK Chai
Lifestyle Blogger @ Puzzle of Life
Thanks For Being One Of The Most Bubbliest & Caring Sister Ever
Justin Ng aka "Minimalistic King"
Lifestyle Blogger @ JustinNg.sg
Logesh aka "Girls Grabber" & Daniel aka "Graphic Designer"
Thanks For Being There For Me In National Service & For Being The Nicest Friends That I've Gotten Out From Army
Eric Choo
Thanks For Coming & Enjoying With All My Friends Over Drinks, You Were Really Red That Day :P
Kenneth Ng & Filbert Koh
You Guys Are Funny LSM1401 Classmates that I've Grewn Fond Off, Be Yourself & Be The Best & Thanks For Dropping By
Justin & Rodney
Rodney aka "Jägermeister Lover", You're Really A Funny Friend To Drink With & Justin The "Geeky Boy" Thanks For Coming Down All The Way From Malaysia to Celebrate My Birthday
Sylvester & Ken Justin
No Doubt I May Not Be Very Close To You Guys, Thanks For Always Coming Down To
Support & Celebrate My Birthday Together With Me & Our Mutual Friends
Lip Tong, Crane Han, Jonathan Soh & Ck Chai
The Talkative Bunch That Were Enjoying Themselves Secretly In The Bed-Room
Qian Yuan & Qian Ye
Lovely Twins That I Made Friends With During My Journey in Singapore Polytechnic. Qian Yuan, Thanks For Being The Funniest, Most Sincere & Honest Friend In My Life. I'm Glad Your Sister Became Close With Me Too!
Skye Tan aka "Artistic Bartender"
Thanks For Being Sober The Entire Night To Serve Drinks To All My Friends Despite My Mom's Consistent Request To Pour More Alcohol For All My Friends. 70/30 Alcohol To Water Ratio Per Cup is Mad!
Sean Tan
Thanks For Coming Down Despite Your Tight Schedules & Being Quite Sporty When It Comes Parties
A Group Photo Without The Half-Drunk Me
Ck Chai, Tselyn, Sam Wee, Debra, Zerika & Hong Peng
Happy Birthday To Myself
Alien Theme Macaron Cake Is Made By Ms Sabrina
Pastry Chef @ Hotel Miramar
Macaron Cake Made By Ms Sabrina
🎂 Theme Alien #MacaronCake 
Prepared  Specially by @sensorysensation using the concept of #Macaroons
Try Her Creations At Hotel Miramar's High Tea Buffet
Read More By Clicking Here

The cake is made of chocolate sponge with Guanduja chocolate ganache, mandarin orange coulis with orange curaçao (liquor), cranberries and sandwiched between macaron.

Three-Tier Cake By Cat & The Fiddle
Tier Stand Is Bought Separately
Special thanks to @catandthefiddlecakes for the "Three Delicious 1kg Cakes"

From Top Tier To Bottom Tier

1. Apple of My Eye
2. Sweet and Smokey Taffy
3. Emperor's romance
The Cakes Were So Nice That I Never Got A Chance To Eat
I'll Have To Try The Cakes Out Some Other Time Then!
Making A Wish
My Wish Is A Secret Or Else It Will Not Come True At All
Goodbye Macaron Cake
Cheers To An Awesome Celebration As I Cut My Birthday Cake
Jonathan Soh aka "Twinnie"
Happy Belated Birthday To You Too, Hope You Enjoyed It As Much As I Did!
Logesh aka "Girls Grabber" & Daniel aka "Graphic Designer" & His Link Can Be Found Here
Gerald Png aka "Photographer & Brother To Me"
Lifestyle Blogger @ Geraldpng
Thanks For Not Only Tirelessly Helping Me Take Photographs That Day But Also Guiding Me Whenever Necessary, Especially When It Comes To Taking Photos
Aubrey Phong aka "Primary Best Friend"
"Friendships That Will Always Last"
Corlissa Ling aka "Secondary School Bestie"
Zoe Yeo aka "
The Pretty Babe"
Corlissa, Thanks For Always Agreeing To My Very Last Minute Meet-Ups
Qian Yuan & Qian Ye
"Power Twinnies"
Shan & Pavan
"#CoupleGoals You'll Definitely Want"
Valerie & Michelle
Cloudie & Touran From AuditionSEA
It's Been Ages Since We've Altogether Again, Memories That Will Always Last.

Valerie, Thanks For Helping Me Get Those Alcohols On My Behalf
Paul, Rodney, Sean Tan & Joseph
Paul, Thanks For Being
The First Best Westerner Friend I've Ever Made Friends With!
Ck Chai, Debra & Zerika Gan
"Sisters In Arms"
Jonathan Loh
Also My "Sweet Burden Brother"
Jonathan Lee & Jonathan Loh
My Dual Twin Brother, Nah They're Just Caring Brothers In My Heart!
Kentrick Low
Also One Of My First Few "God Brothers"
Amanda Francesca Tan
The Supportive Platoon Seargeant from 2SIR That Went Through "Thick & Thin" With Me During My National Service. Thanks For Always Supporting Me
Russel Marino & Donovan Saw
Thanks For Bringing Down My Sake Bottles. Don, I'll Always Remember That "Bukkake Ramen" We Had At Tanjong Pagar
Crane Han & Lip Tong
Thanks For Hearing Out My Stories, Crane. Thanks For Bringing Me To GSPA & Treating Me Like a Little Brother, Lip Tong.
My Crazy Drunk Bestie, Leong
Thanks But No Thanks For Making Me Drunk For Two Consecutive Years. However, You're Really An Awesome Best Friend That Has Always Been There For Me.
My Influencer Bestie, William Tan
You've Guided Me Throughout My Journey As An Influencer. We've Attended Numerous Events & Traveled Many Places Together & I Wish This Will Last Forever!
A Group Photo For All The Bloggers
Gerald Png, William Tan, Justin Ng, Ck Chai, Meryl Loh, Tselyn, Angie, Mia Juat, Crane Han, Jonathan Soh

Sincerely appreciate your efforts, Meryl Loh, for rushing down immediately from your flight to celebrate my birthday with me.

Justin The "Geek Boy"
Friendships Lies Beyond The Country You Reside In
Eric Choo
Friendships Also Nurture Over A Few Drinks!
Alfred Yeo, Jonathan Loh, Shaun Lee, Justin Goh & Ebenezer 
Thanks For Being There Whenever I Needed You Guys!
Kok Eu, Titus Phoon & Jet Han
Kok Eu, Thanks For Coming Down From Malaysia & I'm Happy All Of You Guys Enjoyed!
Drinking Buddies
Skye Tan, Ken Justin, 
Zhong Yu
Balloon Artist & Alcohol Tanker That Can Drink Over 10 Cups At Liquid Buffet
Xin Ru Mei Mei
The Fit Gang Excluding Me
Jonathan, Wei Jie, Dominic & Jameson
Thanks For Coming Down Despite Only Knowing You Guys For A Few Months Only

Cake Cutting & Sake Toast Video
Thanks For Coming Everyone!
Group Shot With The "Swag Team"
Andy, Zhao Yuan, Derrick Hiu & Aloysius
Super High & Almost Drunk Shot
However, I Can't Remember This Shot Being Taken!
Leong With & Angie
Why Did You Guys Left Me Out?
Group Shot Without Me Again
That Was Before Gerald Got Drunk Too!
Evil Friends Trying To Make Me Drunk
Last Few Shots Before I Concussed Because Of What Happened Next
AHH, I Was So Willing To Be Tricked By My Good Friend
Haha I Seem So Willing To Finish That Entire Shot!
Renxian Soh
The Sweet & Funny Friend Of Mine!
Takes Care Of Me Whenever I'm Drunk
Poor Ken Got Blocked!
Chill Buddies On The Bed!
Logesh Secretly Looking at Some Secrets At The Side!
Shan & Pavan
Look At The Hopeful Face Of Alfred At The Side
Jonathan Loh, Justin & Ebenezer
I'm Probably Lying Dead On The Bed By Now!
One Of The Pages In My Guestbook!
Shot With Trevor Yeow & The Rest
Thanks For Coming Down Despite All That I've Done To Hurt You, You're Really A True Friend & I Hope To Amend For My Mistakes!
Skye Tan aka "Bartender For The Day"
See How Excited He Is When He's Making Shots For Others
Cheers To My Platoon Commander
Many More Years Of Friendship To Come!
Angie & Her Partner!
Enjoying Their Wine As They Chilled With All of Us!
Oh Look! Guess Who Managed To Slip Into The Shot
Justin Goh The Cheeky Boy!
Look Who Isn't Letting Go Of The Twins
The Alcoholic Junkie, Leong!
Zhong Yu's Eyes Got Attacked By The Flash
Why Did I Missed This Too :(
Leong, Zoe & Ken Justin
Indulging In Wine Without My Presence!
Sweet Friendship
Look At How Red Dominic Was!
The King Drinking In Content
As He Lies On His Throne!
Ouch, The Crocodile Is Ready To Bite!
PS: I'm Totally Gone Here!
All In All I Enjoyed This Awesome Birthday!
I Wish That I'll Be Sober Enough To "Remember More" For My Future Birthday Parties But That Is If I Happened To Host Anymore Parties In The Many Years To Come!