My Life-Changing Experience On How ReLEX SMILE Laser Vision Correction Surgery @LasikParagon, Level 13 Has Corrected My Vision

ReLEX SMILE has fulfilled
My dreams of having Clear Vision
Running was possible even only after "1 Week of Recovery"
I can finally say #NOMOREGLASSES
No more Squinting of my eyes
When I'm reading a book
Shortsightedness is no longer a problem for me
No more MYOPIA that haunted me since I was a kid
Were you also using Contact Lenses just to LOOK GOOD?
I no longer need to spend excessive money on Contact Lenses anymore!
In the long run, I believe I will definitely save more than what I have spent on the Laser Vision Correction Surgery!

I no longer need to
buy contact lenses, change my lenses whenever my eye sight worsens and replace my new spectacle frames whenever it breaks. All this accumulated cost, will eventually be more than what I had spent on my ReLEx SMILE Surgery.

The inability to see without Contact Lenses or Spectacles has been a hindrance

or Nearsightedness is one of the worst problems in life that makes us too overly reliant on contact lenses and spectacles. The feeling of having to locate my spectacles each time I wake up is so annoying, especially when I can't even see well.

Moreover, every year, I would try to make up an excuse to my mother so that I could change to a new pair of spectacles. It was because I always felt that it was either the spectacles that made me look bad or wearing spectacles does not suit me at all. It was after numerous pairs of spectacles that I finally found one that is suitable. The amount of money wasted over the years could have been well spent on a laser vision correction surgery. However, I was still too young to do it. The minimum recommended age is 18 years old and above. This is to ensure that your eye has fully developed and stabilized

In addition to the need to change spectacles, I am self-conscious of my looks. This is why I started wearing contact lenses since I was only 12 years old. At that point of time, my mother actually discouraged me to do so especially when I was too young to spend that kind of money just so that I could look good. However, I still proceeded on to wear monthly contact lenses.

Sadly, my eyes became too sensitive due to prolonged wear of contact lenses. Contact lenses made my eyes were DRY and did not allow my eyes to breathe properly. I tried changing to the latest model of contact lenses and it did help for awhile. However, I found out that my eye curvature was too flat for me to continue using monthly contact lenses and it caused dryness and irritation. I then proceeded on to use dailies, which was more costly.

It was at that point of time, I decided that I would save enough money to correct my vision. Based on calculations, It was more worthwhile to spend on the corrective surgery as It would only sum up to about 4 years of wearing contact lenses.

My Pre-Evaluation Check Up @LasikParagon, Level 13
And also my last day of wearing Spectacles in School

I went for my pre-evaluation check-up at @LasikParagon, Level 13. Initially, I was quite afraid that I would not be suitable for the procedure. However, It all turned out well.

The eye evaluation consists of many tests and I had my eyes thoroughly checked.

I went in to consult the doctor after all the tests were done. I was told that I was suitable and I was very excited!

ReLEx SMILE Laser Correction Surgery
Was the surgical procedure I chose instead

ReLEx SMILE Advantages
Next Generation of Laser Vision Correction

No LASIK-like flap

No flap complications such as displacement and dislodgement.

Preserving upper corneal structure

As no corneal flap is created, the upper corneal structure remains practically untouched. Therefore the structural stability of the cornea will be largely unaffected.

Less post surgery dry-eye discomfort

Reduced post-operative discomfort from dry eyes, as the majority of the upper corneal structure remains untouched during treatment.

Night vision

Less induction of optical aberrations as no corneal flap is created.

Smaller incision

Compared to LASIK, the incision is up to 80% smaller. Previously an incision of roughly 20 mm had to be created, whereas a small incision of less than 4 mm is now sufficient.

Photo Credits: Lasik in Mumbai

ReLEx SMILE After Procedure Shot
My Personal Experience During & After The Procedure

When I went into the operating theatre, I was quite anxious and scared. However, it was not really that scary after all. All you need to do is to focus on a green light and the machine will do everything. It is a painless process as numbing eye drops were applied and all you have to do is to relax and calm yourself down during the procedure.

After the procedure, your eyes would be temporarily dry and sensitive to light.You can wear your sunglasses when you go out for the first few weeks as your eyes might be a little sensitive to the sun.

My eyes recovered really fast with minimal discomfort
I was well-enough to go out the next day for an event

I was already out the next day for an event with my animation team. I experienced minimal discomfort as I consistently applied lubricating eye drops hourly as prescribed. It is of utmost importance that you adhere to the post-surgery medication instructions to ensure fast recovery.

As of now, It's my second week of recovery and I'm about 90% recovered. Sometimes it can be a little blurry during the first few weeks of recovery, It's normal as it takes about three months for your vision to stabilize.

Moreover, every individuals' eyes heal at a different rate, so don't expect both eyes to be perfect immediately. All you have to do is to be patient, and your eyes will gradually improve over the weeks.

I am able enjoy the fruits of the surgical procedure just within a few days of the surgical procedure and you can do so too. I am finally able to run without being afraid of having my spectacles slide off my face. I can also finally see the world so clearly now without the aid of any spectacles or contact lens. It is like you are reborn to this world and everything around you is so bright and vibrant

Don't be afraid of the stigma that it is a scary procedure to do as it is not true at all. One thing I learn is that, it is better to try than not to at all. I'm loving my freedom of vision without glasses or contact lens.


Laser Vision Correction Surgery
Photo Credits: Information Action



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