New Refreshingly Delicious Melona Flavored Ice Bar - Korean's Favorite Ice Pop : Creamy Goodness of Banana on a Stick

Melona Banana Flavored Ice Bar
Korean's Favorite Ice Pop

Photo Credits: William Tan

Korean Dessert Lovers
Here Comes the Delicious Icy Goodness

Melona Flavoured Ice Bar
Now available in a multipack of eight bars (80ml each)
Photo Credits : Aloha Vape

Recommended Seling Price (RSP)
$7.65 per box.

It Is Available at The Following Places

1. Selected FairPrice

2. Selected Sheng Siong outlets


Creamy Popsicle/Creamsicle
Entices Your Palate with Irresistible Fruity Flavor
Photo Credits: Kyotsu Senda Leng

I personally like this ice-cream a lot and will definitely eat this often due to its unique chewy texture. It is basically so creamy that it immediately melts in your mouth, making it the perfect dessert to have after your meal. 

Melona Ice Bar
Available In 4 Different Flavors
Photo Credits: B's Mart

1. Strawberry
2. Mango
3. Melon
4. Banana

About Melona Ice Bar

Melona fruit-flavoured ice pops, by Binggrae Co. Ltd., made its debut in South Korea in 1992.

In 1994, the frozen dessert set the best-selling product record in the domestic popsicle market, selling more than 280 million bars and it continues to be the best-selling single product in South Korea, to date.

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