Amara Singapore @ Tanjong Pagar - My Reviews & Experience At This Amazing Hotel (Overall Rating: 9/10)

Amara Singapore @ Tanjong Pagar
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088539
+65 6879 2555

Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit A

Good Service & Quality
Overall Rating: 9/10

Amara Singapore Deluxe Room
~$150/Night Inc. of Breakfast

Very Considerate Indeed
Complimentary Mask Provided
To Ensure You're Properly Protected

Keep Your Health In Check
Wear The Mask Provided When You're Out

Spacious Bathroom
Decent & Clean

Bathroom Necessities
Nicely Packaged Toiletries

I must say that the Choice Of Fragrance For The Soap & Shampoo is superbly good.

Lemon Grass that's used for the shampoo is indeed unique and very fragrant. Lavendar that's a odor-relieving fragrance is superbly suitable after a long day out. All of this provides you with an Aromatically Way of ending and starting your day.  

Eco-Friendly Reminder
To Ensure Minimal Wastage of Water

1. A Towel on the Rack means "I'll use it Again"

2. A Towel on the Floor in the Tub means "Please Change Fresh Towels"

Personal Shower Room
To Take A Nice Warm Bath

Bathtub Lovers
Soak And Relax After A Long Day

Breakfast Buffet
Hot Drinks Booth
Grab Your Coffee & Tea Here

Bread Counter
Choose Your Favorite Bread

Bread Counter
Choose Between The Different Jams Available

Quick Mini Bites
Popiahs , Croquettes , Sausauges, Samosa & Siew Mai

Eggs Counter
Sunny Side-Ups, Double Sunny Side-Ups, Omelettes & Scrambled Eggs
PS: Pardon Me For The Blur Shot

Waffles With Maple Syrup
I Like Mine With Lots Of Syrup Though

  A Hungry Man Is A Greedy Man
Delicious Nutritional Meal

Cereals With Milk
Coco Crunch & Other Basic Cereals

Huge Mirror in My Room
Let Me Take A Selfie
Great For Taking #OOTD Shots

Moderate Sized Pool With A Nearby Gym
Sufficiently Big To Chill & Enjoy
Great Surrounding Environment

Enjoying Ourselves @ The Pool
A Quick Shot Before We Head To The Pool

I Wouldn't Want To Miss
Taking Such An Amazing Shot
Personally Love The Swimming Experience There

Crazy Shots Time
It's Fun Making Epic Faces

Photogenic Scenic View
2nd Crazy Epic Horrific Shot

Club Lounge View
Club Benefits Not Entitled to Deluxe Rooms
Only Available For Club Rooms & Above

For More Information

 Club Lounge
Night View

  Club Lounge
Staircase Inside The Lounge

  Club Lounge
Cozy Sofas Available

  Club Lounge
More Sofas Available
Great Place To Chat & Chill

  Club Lounge
Great Service Provided By Club Floor Manager
Mr. Hamid Haron

Service Rating: 10/10

Afternoon Tea
Large Variety of Desserts
Specially Made By Amara's Chef

Wide Variety of TWG Tea To Choose From
I Personally Prefer The Vanilla Bourbon Tea That's Supposedly Spicy

Boiling Water Dispenser
Extravagant Way of Dispensing Water

Very Helpful & Attentive Service Crews
Extremely Good Service Provided
Club Floor Service Crew: Sharmila

Different Varieties of Cheese Available
Try Out Different Variation of Cheese To Match With Your Bread

Match The Cheese With Your Biscuits Too
Add Some Raisins, Apricots, Carrots or Cucumber To Your Dish

Crunchy Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Oozes Out With Each Bite

Yummy Delicious Light Salad
Add Fresh Olives Into Your Salad
Thumbs Up For The Freshness of The Salad

My Favorite Dessert
Huge Macaron With Coconut Filling
Accompanied By A Sweet Raspberry

Finnacier Pistachio
Soft & Fluffy Cake Filled With Goodness
Consists of Egg/White, Sugar, Ground Almond, Ikan Flour, Melted Butter & Pistachio Paste

Evening Cocktail @ Club Lounge
Sushi , Salads, Hams, Smoked Salmon & More

More Desserts & Cakes Available
Different Variations This Time Round Though

My Personal Favorites Are Sushi
Fresh & Delicious Sushi

Smoked Salmon, Beef Salami & Two Other Hams Provided
Absolute Freshness Guaranteed

Large Variety of Drinks Provided
Choose Between Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Yummy Delicious Sushi
Flamed Salmon, California Roll & Beancurd Skin Sushi

Farewell Shot Before I Left The Lounge
Hamid Haron, Me, Govanni & Dipak

All of Us Enjoyed Amara Singapore Alot
Thanks For Dropping By To Visit While I Recuperated At This Amazing Hotel
It's Your Turn To Enjoy It There Too!