Windows 10 Available in 190 Countries as a Free Upgrade as of Wednesday, 29th July 2015 For Users Who Owns A Genuine Windows 7,8 or 8.1 - Guides Are Available Here on How To Install Windows 10 For Those Who Are Facing Certain Difficulties Upgrading!

Latest Addition to Windows Family
Windows 10 : The New Beginning
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Your free upgraded is on its way. Your notification to upgrade could come as soon as a few days or weeks. And you can always check your upgrade status in the Get Windows 10 app.

Official Release Date
Windows 10 Free Upgrade
Wednesday, 29th July 2015
Free Upgrade Till 29th July 2016

Upgrading to Windows 10 is easy for customers running a Genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC or tablet. 

Starting Wednesday, 29th July 2015, people who reserved their upgrade to Windows 10 will be notified in waves when their upgrade is ready to be installed. 

For Business Customers, Windows 10 is available to start deploying within their work environments, and starting Aug. 1, organizations that have volume licensing can upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education.

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Some of You May Still Ask This Question!
Is Windows 10 Upgrade Free?

You May Think Now A These Days Such Good Stuff Is Too Good To Be True Right? But Yes, it’s free. This is a full version of Windows, not a trial or introductory version. It is available for a limited time: you have until July 29th, 2016 to take advantage of this offer.

Windows 10 Snap Assist
Information Obtained From: How To Geek

To snap a Desktop Window, left-click its window title bar, hold your mouse down, and then drag it to either the left or right edges of your screen. From there, you’ll be able to see a transparent overlay appear, showing you where the window will be placed. Release your Mouse Button to Snap the Window there.

2X2 Grid of Snap Assist
Superbly Good Way of Multi-Tasking

You don’t actually have to wait — you can just quickly drag-and-drop a window’s title bar to either edge of your screen to snap it. This part of the process also works on Both Windows 7 and 8.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts instead. The Windows Key + Left / Right / Up / Down keyboard shortcuts can be combined to snap a window into a quadrant of your screen.

For example, press Windows Key + Left to snap a window into the left half of your screen, then press Windows Key + Up to snap it into the top-left quadrant.

Windows Can Be of Different Sizes
Need Not Always Have To Be A 2X2 Grid

Do Great Things With Windows 10
Intuitive Design That's Superbly Amazing

Windows 10 Operating System
It's Definitely Worth The Wait

Windows 10 Home Edition
Price: SGD$229

Windows 10 Pro
Price: SGD$399

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If You're Not Eligible For The Free Upgrade
As You're Using The Older Version of Windows?

Once You've Upgraded
Windows 10 Will Be free on That Device. 

For More Information
Read More On Windows 10 Features Here
Curious on How To Get Your Free Upgrade?
You can do One of Two things

1. Buy a new device with Windows 10 already on it, or a new Windows 8.1 device and upgrade it to Windows 10 for Free.

2. Upgrade your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 PC for Free.

*Not every device will run every feature of Windows 10.*

Be sure to check with your manufacturer before purchasing. Additional details on upgrade qualifications are below and on the Windows 10 specifications page.

Whether Your Motherboard or Graphics Cards Are Compatible

Reserve Your Copy
Windows 10 Upgrade Icon @ Bottom Right
Corner of The Screen

1. Don't see the Windows 10 icon? First, try running Windows Update and install any available required and recommended updates for your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC. Still don’t see the icon, Click here.

Get Windows 10 App
Photo Credits: Microsoft-News

2. Once in the Get Windows 10 app, click “Reserve your free upgrade” in the app window.

Your Upgrade Has Been Reserved
Photo Credits: Ask-Vg

3. Enter your email if you want confirmation of this reservation.

4. We’ll download Windows 10 to your device and notify you when it’s ready. You can cancel your reservation at any time.

Create A USB Drive of DVD
To Download & Upgrade Multiple PCs

Note: This free Windows 10 Upgrade is available for PCs and tablets; the free Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade will be available for most phones starting later this year.

Windows 10 Upgrade
May Take A While Before You Can Upgrade
Lucky Me - I Managed to Install It

After you have reserved, you are in the queue for your upgrade. Watch out for your notification from the Get Windows 10 app to arrive in the coming days or weeks. At that point, you can Upgrade Immediately or pick a time that works for you.

However There Are Some Workabouts
Do Take A Look At The Following Links

Take Note!
If You Encounter Certain Problems Or The Wait For Windows 10 Becomes Too Long

Based on Personal Experience

Ensure Your Computer
Is Always Up-To-Date

1. Always Ensure That All Windows Updates Are Downloaded & Installed As Mentioned Above.

2. From My Experience, There Is A Specific Update Pack For Windows 10 That Needs To Be Downloded Before Your Computer Can Be Upgraded.

Clear The Entire Download Folder
To Remove Any Corrupted Installation Files

3. If certain upgrades cannot be installed or you are stuck in a update loop, navigate to "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" (Change the Letter "C" to the given Alphabet for the Main Local Hard Drive) and delete all the files within the Download Folder.

4. This should give you something like a Clean State with Windows Update.

Search For "Windows Update"
Proceed Forward By Running It

5. Next, open up the Windows Update Application by hitting the Windows key and simply searching for "Windows Update". Hit enter to launch the app.

6. While Windows Update loads, open the command prompt by hitting the Windows key again to Search for "CMD.exe". 

Run Command Prompt
With Administrator Rights

7. While Holding "Control" & "Shift", Press Enter The Moment You See It Appearing in The Search Bar. (This Ensures That The Application Will Be Running As A Administrator)

Command Prompt
With Administrator Rights

8. Once the Window opens, type in “wuauclt.exe /updatenow” (Omitting The Inverted Commas).

Windows Upgrade via Windows Update
Checking Requirements
Downloading Windows 10 OS

9. Somehow, It has been said that by also doing this, you may even skip the queue of downloading Windows 10 & Instead of Just Trying To Fix Your Windows Update Errors You'll End Up Installing Windows 10 Straight Away.

10. Alternatively, if the method above in Step 3 fails, try downloading & installing the other updates manually by searching for the Specific Update Package that could not be installed properly.

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After The Upgrade Has Completed
You'll Finally Get To Enjoy The All New Windows 10 OS

So Reserve Your Copy Today
Amazing Experience Awaits You

I Love It So Much That I Rated It 5/5!
Amazingly User-Friendly Windows 10 OS