Shop, Dine & Chill @ Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore And Try Out The Amazing Arabica Coffee Brew @ KopieSatu Too

A Place To Indulge In Malaysian Cuisine
Lot 37 – 43, Sultan Gate, Singapore 198485

Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore is your one stop place for shoppingdining and chilling out with friends, family and loved one.

It is not only a bustling hub for the promotion that consists of Malaysian grown products & goods but it also consists of a café (KopieSatu) as well as a restaurant (The Verandah). This is where you can find the most authentic and delicious Malaysian food & desserts.

From time to time, the restaurant will introduce new Malaysian food to the menu; so you'll be able to try something new the in the subsequent visits. With lovely F&B staff to serve the food that is prepared by skilled kitchen staff spearheaded by an experience Chef Razif, you are bound to have a great dining experience at The Verandah!

Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore

Contest Period
11th August 2015 - 31st September 2015

Snap A Photo & Stand a Chance
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How Do You Take Part?

1. Follow Their Instagram @MyAgroBazaarSG

2. Snap A Photo Of Agrobazaar’s Products or Food

3. Post Your Photo on Instagram and Hashtag #MyAgrobazaarSG

Winners will be Announced on the 1st October 2015

Agrobazaar's Carving Master
Showcasing His Talents Carving The Watermelon In Less Than 20 Mins

Agrobazaar's Talent
Fruit Art Carving Master

Agrobazaar's Large Variety of Food Sold
Isn't It Interesting How Fruit Art Is Done
It's Simply Gorgeous

 Agrobazaar's Design-It-Yourself Contest
Fruit Art Contest

Agrobazaar's Compilation of Designs
Done By Different Groups of Bloggers
Our Group is On The Top Left Hand Corner

Agrobazaar's Teh Tarik Pouring Contest
Looks Easy But Actually It's Really Difficult

Teh Tarik Contest Winner

Agrobazaar's Malaysian Cuisine
Sinfully Delicious Array of Food

Craving For Food Now?
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Homemade Chicken Satay ($7.90)
One Of The Best I've Tasted
Rating: 10/10

Penang Asam Laksa ($8.90)
Spicy & Delicious Laksa
Rating: 10/10

Tauhu Bakar ($4.90)
Grilled Crisp Tofu Packets

 Tauhu Bakar ($4.90)
Served With Spicy Peanut Sauce
Rating: 9/10

 Crispy Banana Fritters ($4.90 for 7pcs)
Banana Fruit that's Encased in A Crisp Battered Skin
Rating: 8/10

Rainbow Kueh Lapis
Unique Colorful Kueh
Rating: 10/10

 Chendol ($4.00)
Traditional Dessert
Add $0.50 For Cut Fruits
Add $1.00 For Durian
Rating: 8/10

KopieSatu @ AgroBazaar Singapore
Malaysia Local Brand
Serving Premium Specialty Coffee Blend

KopieSatu is a Malaysia local brand serving premium specialty coffee blend. It was established in 2003 in Malaysia and operates on a franchise chain outlet business model and is wholly owned by FAMA. At KopieSatuthe focus is on serving the delicious freshest coffee.

The coffee blend is of 100% Arabica raw beans sourced and imported from three different specially selected places from Indonesia. The bean roasting processes is done locally in Malaysia to retain its freshness formulated by numerous coffee experts

A well-known coffee brand in Malaysia and as part of global branding, Singapore has been chosen as the first KopieSatu outlet outside of Malaysia.

KopieSatu's Usage of Arabica Beans
Perfectly Brewed To Suit Your Taste

KopieSatu's Different Type of Coffee Brew
Perfectly Brewed To Suit Your Taste

KopieSatu's Different Type of Coffee Brew
Head Down To Try It Out Today

KopieSatu Promotions
Enjoy 20% Off
(Minimum Purchase of A Cake & A Drink)
Validity period: 1 Aug 2015- 31 Dec 2015

At Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore, the KopieSatu, or commonly known as KopieSatu Café, serves great gourmet coffee that is complemented with nice and cozy ambience. A Place which provides Free Wi-fi for its customer to enjoy their coffee while hanging around with their friends or families. Not only that, KopieSatu Café also serves as a suitable place to hold meetings, appointments or even discussions.

Upon dining at the café, customers can indulge in the various types of coffees and desserts such as, Ice Blended Caramel CoffeeCafé Latte, Rainbow Durian Cake and Chendol. Moreover, Customers will be dining at the Verandah while enjoying their scrumptious food.

Large Variety of Durians Available
Try Out Your Favorite Type At Agrobazaar Today

Durians Are Also Sold Here Too
Something That You All Shouldn't Miss

To All Durian Lovers
It's Definitely Worthwhile Heading Down To Try The Durians Out Today

Durians Are My Personal Favorite
Something I Definitely Must Eat
After A Scrumptious Feast @ Agrobazaar
Rating: 10/10

We Enjoyed Our Feast & Durians
Why Not Head Down & Try It Out Today?