EZ-Link Unveils Winners of “My Journey, My Home” SG50 Card Design Art Competition - Top 4 Winning Designs Have Been Printed on 200,000 EZ-Link Cards Which Goes On Sale From 4th August 2015 Onwards at All TransitLink Ticket Offices Island-Wide

EZ-LINK SG50 Card Design Art Competition
'My Journey, My Home'
Prize Presentaiton Ceremony
Held On 3rd August 2015
Photo Credits: Darren Ang

EZ-Link Pte Ltd unveiled the winning designs of the EZ-Link ‘My Journey, My Home’ SG50 Card Design Art Competition today. Four locals have been selected as grand winners for illustrating what Singapore’s Golden Jubilee means to them in the most creative and inspiring way.

Alexander Yuen, Illusionist
Using His Amazing Illusions
To Announce The Winning Designs

Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong
Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office & Ministry of Culture Culture, Community & Youth

They Four Winners received their Award Certificates from Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong, Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth who was the Guest-of-Honour at the Awards Ceremony today, together with 16 other best-of-show winners.

Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong
Photo Credits
Parliament Government Website

Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State for Culture, Community & Youth said: “The Ez-Link card has been transformed into a mini canvas for our young, budding artists to express their feelings about SG50.

EZ-Link, working with partners like the Dyslexic Association of Singapore and National Arts Council, has also used art as a platform to support our children with dyslexia. He is deeply heartened by such efforts to make our society an inclusive and better Home for all.”

“Ahead of the nation’s joyous birthday celebration next week, EZ-Link is proud to present a Commemorative Ez-Link Card series that captures the uniqueness of Singapore through the eyes of its people. 

SG50 Card Design Art Competition
'My Journey, My Home'
Four Winning Designs

The four cards make very special mementos for Singapore’s 50th birthday as the Ez-Link card has been chosen as one of Singapore’s many icons,” said Mr. Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link Pte Ltd.

Ez-Link would like to thank their partners for making this competition so meaningful and successful and all participants for their amazing portrayals. They also hope that their humble effort will motivate children with Dyslexia to continue to unleash their potential and make outstanding contributions to Singapore’s future.”

Dyslexia Association of Singapore

DAS is most grateful to EZ-Link for choosing us as the beneficiary of this commemorative series of SG50 cards. EZ-Link's generous donation will make a significant difference to the learning journey of children with dyslexia who are in need of financial assistance

They are delighted that EZ-Link is issuing ez-link cards carrying the creative art pieces of DAS students island-wide. This will highlight the ability of children with dyslexia and promote better understanding of their learning difference. 

Children with dyslexia will also be encouraged to strive to maximise their talents,” said Lee Siang, Chief Executive Officer, DAS.

'My Journey, My Home'
EZ-LINK SG50 Card Design Competition

Supported by the NAC and MCCY in celebration of SG50, the competition was opened to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents and comprised the Open Category ran by the NAC for the public and the DAS category ran by the DAS for its existing and ex- students.

Alexander Yuen, Illusionist
Performed His Illusions
At The Prize Presentation Ceremony

Bowling Ball Illusion
Newspaper Illusion
Floating Table Illusion
Moving Card on Paper Illusion

'My Journey, My Home'
20 Best-of-Show Pieces

All the 20 Best-of-Show Pieces, including the top four grand winning pieces, have been selected by a panel of judges comprising Mr Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link Pte Ltd; Mr Lee Siang, Chief Executive Officer, DAS; Ms Kathy Lai, Chief Executive Officer, National Arts Council (NAC); Ms Tangie Kay, Senior Assistant Director (Marketing Communications), SG50 Programme Office, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and Ms Lim Bee Ling, Programme Leader, Diploma in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts.

11 years old

My name is Neo Hui-Shyan and I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Art is my favourite subject and I am grateful that this competition gives me a chance to showcase my work. I love drawing people. In fact, I love every form of Art as they are all challenges to me. I love my school too as it encourages me to unleash my creativity and I love Singapore – a little island that’s BIG in my heart!


As our family does not own a car, we frequently use the MRT and public buses for our journeys around this little island we call home. Our efficient public transport system makes travelling convenient and comfortable. My family and I can get to our desired destinations for work and play in a breeze!

11 years old

I am an eleven-year-old boy who loves Art. I may not be good in my studies but I think I am good in Art. I am studying in Anglo-Chinese School (Junior). I love collecting vehicles and I know a lot about cars! I also like fixing Lego toys, especially vehicles.


There are two parts. The first one shows Singapore in the 1960s and 1970s. Public transport was mainly the bus and the trishaw. Moving around flats, shophouses, National Theatre and even attap houses can be seen. The second one shows our present MRT train. With the journey it takes, modern architecture and more greenery can be seen.

15 years old

My name is William Choo. I love to draw doodles and cartoons. I am a Singaporean from many different backgrounds. I have one brother and a sister and they will always support any of my drawings. Sometimes I will draw other things like posters, signs or t-shirts.


As you see the picture, the buildings and the characters go in a chronological order through certain parts of history. This is to represent the journey we have been through and how far we have really come to achieve our goals to a better Singapore with the people that have helped us along the way.

16 years old
(My Favourite Design)

I am Nur Amalia Bte Kamal and I used to live along Upper Bukit Timah Road. I was fascinated by the engineering feat just outside our building. I am currently in Year 5 in Raffles Institution Junior College and I study Fine Arts and Science. I enjoy drawing and painting. I like capturing the interesting happenings around me. I do not want to lose the uniqueness that Singapore offers, even if it is a simple bus-stop along a quiet road. 


While traveling to school in the morning, my sleepy route at Upper Bukit Timah Road would be awakened with ever changing mega structures and gigantic machines. The construction of Bukit Panjang mega transportation infrastructure project is rapidly changing the landscape. Seamless connectivity between buses, MRT, LRT and highways promotes fast and smooth journey. It’s good to live in Singapore in the 21st century and cheers to SG50. My 4-panel painting is in acrylic.

Grab Your Favourite Design Today
And At The Same Time Embrace Dyslexia
(Embracing A Different Kind of Mind)

The top four winning designs have been printed on 200,000 ez-link cards which will go on sale from 4th August 2015 onwards at TransitLink Ticket Offices island-wide. Please refer to the Annex for winning designs and the order of availability of the top four winning designs.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone today by getting your very own favourite design today while helping out those with dyslexia who needs financial assistance.

EZ-Link will contribute $0.25 from every card sold to DAS, with an aim of raising a total of S$50,000 to provide financial assistance to students with dyslexia at the primary and secondary levels from non-MOE funded schools who do not receive MOE grants for DAS programmes. These funds will strengthen learning support to students unable to afford the programmes without financial support and help them access much-needed programmes such as literacy, mathematics, Chinese language and Speech and Drama Arts, to improve their skills in these areas.

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