Celebrate Your Christmas & New Year With Sakura Forte - Restaurant-Quality Festive Buffet Catering Services

Sakura Forte
Restaurant-Quality Festive Buffet

Mouth-Watering Buffet Spread For Christmas
Wide Variety of Scrumptious Delights

Japanese Cuisine
Fresh Sushi Delights

Honey-Glazed Ham with Fresh Pineapple Chutney
Sheer Indulgence this Christmas with Buttered Pineapple Chutney

Roasted Whole Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing
Oven-Roasted which Pairs Well with Cranberry Sauce & Tarragon Gravy 

A Gamut of Sashimi, Sushi, Christmas Classics & Desserts
All these restaurant-quality delicacies are brought right to your doorstep with Prices Starting from $28.80 onward.

Signature Durian Puffs
Stuffed With Generous Amount of Durian

Bûche de Noë
Classic Log cake with Coconut Mousse and Pineapple Crème Brûlée, topped with Almond Nougat

Awesome Delicious Creamy Log Cake that is sweet & crunchy in the center. By far one of the most delicious log cake I've ever eaten before. Recommended for people who have a sweet-tooth and craves for something that can sweeten up their day.

Häagen-Dazs Mini Cup
Strawberry Cheese Cake & Cookie and Cream

My own personalized Haagen-Dazs Mini Cup Ice-Cream using the Chocolate Fondue that is also within the buffet spread to add some sweetness to my Ice-Cream Dessert.

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