Travel to Indonesia (i.e. Batam) at a fraction of the usual cost with Hot Deals 2018

Indonesia's Hot Deals is back in 2018- travel to Indonesia at a fraction of the usual cost
Book your tickets to Batam as it's only a ferry ride away from harborfront ferry terminal. Tickets are available at attractive rates as shown below
A quick getaway: arrive at Batam within an hour. 

If you're interested in enjoying a short getaway, I'll definitely recommend Batam as it takes only approximately 40-75 minutes to travel there. You wouldn't have to worry about transit between flights just to reach a particular place in Indonesia. Therefore, it's not only convenient but also affordable, a perfect getaway without having to burn a big hole in your pocket.

Stay at Planet Holiday Hotel, which costs approximately ~ >$60/night for a deluxe room (*pricing might differ according to booking period)

Jl. Raja Ali Haji, Sei Jodoh. Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Batu Ampar, Batam Island, Indonesia, 29432 - Very good location - View location on the map here

Planet Holiday Hotel & Residence's Deluxe Room Interior

Spacious room with chairs to enjoy a cup of tea while you're in the room. This one of the many available hotels available out there but my experience there was rather pleasant and I'll definitely recommend you staying there.

Planet Holiday Hotel & Residence's Deluxe Room Desk

Different hotels in Indonesia has different amenities, facilities and room design to cater to all of your needs. The Planet Holiday Hotel's Deluxe room comes with a desk that gives you the workspace you need to clear off your outstanding work. An important feature that most hotels should have, but some smaller rooms may not have sufficient space for one.

Planet Holiday Hotel's Other Necessities
Planet Holiday Hotel's Toiletries
Planet Holiday Hotel's Breakfast Buffet

A buffet spread of local Indonesian delights is available during breakfast hours, as long as you have complimentary breakfast tagged to your room booking. Similarly, with most hotels, there's an egg booth that you'll be able to request for your preferred choice of eggs. Other than that, you'll have other staple foods that are equally as flavourful and interesting. There are some local delights that are often seen elsewhere, and can only be tasted in Indonesia itself.   
 Shop for Indomie noodles in Indonesia as they have numerous interesting flavours that you don't usually see in other countries

Haha! I'm not advocating all of you guys out there to indulge in unhealthy food like maggie mee, but I guess it's no harm trying out these noodles once in a while as people around me, especially my fellow Indonesian friends told me that the ones found there, tastes more delicious due to the supposed higher levels of MSG found in the noodles.

Get dazzled by the spectacular view of the Barelang bridge. Capture the perfect shot from a special spot that's located at the side of one end of the Barelang bridge.

A tip when taking a picture of such size is to always find a distant spot that enables you to capture the entire object of interest, as for this instance, it's the bridge. Always do sufficient research before heading down to a particular location. For example, if you're heading down to take a photo of yourself with Mount Fuji, it's wiser to head a few kilometres away to take a picture of yourself with it.

Barelang bridge

Jump for joy at the entrance of the bridge - at your own risk. Do not attempt to do so when there's heavy traffic along the bridge. This is another interesting shot that can be taken during the non-peak period. The array of bridge supports give it a rather futuristic shot. 

Explore and spend quality time relaxing at Tunjuk island (Pulau Tunjuk Batam, Pulau Tunjuk, Subangmas, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia).

Spend some quality time away from your electronic gadgets and bond with your loved ones on a relaxing island that is just a boat ride away - situated few kilometres away from Batam This island has only been recently opened to the public, with permission from the locals living there. The island is really clean, and it's the perfect island to even host some events and parties with your loved ones.

Take some Instagram-worthy shots at the island's jetty

Take some "Fabulous" shots at the jetty while enjoying the amazing view and the wonders of a quiet island that's away from the urbanized areas that we're so accustomed to. I heard that there's a nice shipwreck at the other side of the island that you should visit to get an up close and personal shot with an uncommon wreckage scene that hasn't been cleared out. 

Get a first-hand experience of the culture and the livelihood of the locals in Indonesia that has minimal connections to the technological society.

At this island, you'll not only be given the chance to appreciate nature more as it's an island that's not urbanized, you'll also be able to revert back to a time where technology is not within our reach. Interactions with the locals there will give you more insights on the happiness that one can attain, even without being surrounded by technology.

Try out some recreational activities at this island - The activities can be easily arranged with the numerous tour agencies available out there

Snorkelling, fishing, water skiing and wakeboarding can be easily enjoyed with your family and friends at this peaceful island. Enjoying such fun activities here with your loved ones is not only romantic but also provides you with the privacy that most of us would like to have at least. The island is good for a family day-trip getaway to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. There's currently no accommodation available on the island but you'll be able to easily hire a powerboat or a traditional boat to take you to and fro between different islands.

Other than interacting with the locals, you'll also be able to check out the kampung stilt houses that line the coastal areas.
Kampung tuck shops filled with interesting local delights, snacks and sweets
Get some insights on the lifestyle of children and the different activities and games that they play on a daily basis 
Indulge in local seafood delights that's freshly caught there
Chilli Crab - tasted more like curry crab but the meat was fresh and still tasted really good. Different restaurants may have their own style of cooking this dish
Fried Fresh Prawns - battered with some garnishing

I personally felt that fresh prawns like the ones sold here are better served boiled and not fried. However, it still tasted really good and I believe the locals love their dishes fried. I believe you may also request for the dishes there to be cooked to your preference.
Kang Kong - a vegetable dish that's cooked with lots of sambal chilli
Gong-Gong, Pearl Conch - a type of sea-snail that's tasty when eaten fresh or grilled
Indulge in local seafood delights that's freshly caught there
Shop at Nagoya Mall
Lots of local snacks and tidbits for you to purchase back home
Different types of Kue Lapis, an Indonesian Kue, also known as traditional layered cake 
An interesting variation of doughnuts for you to purchase back home too
Purchase some locally made clothing 
Pamper yourself with some Foot Reflexology Massage and/or Aromatherapy Oil Massage and Thai Massage at Sawadika, Nagoya Mall, Level 3
Overall Massage Experience Rating: 8.5/10
Sawadika Price List
Lie down comfortably while indulging in an awesome yet affordable massage 

For the price that we're paying, I believe that Indonesia is one of the places that I would recommend you guys out there to enjoy a short getaway with your family and friends. The food there is not only affordable but the message there is a lot cheaper than that in Singapore. You could basically head for a massage every day without worrying that you might burn a big hole in your pocket.

Hot Deals Program 2018's Savings Chart, as well as a rough overview of the official launch event of Hot Deals Program 2018, illustrated below
Mr Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia

According to the Telegraph (2017), Indonesia is in one of the top 20 fastest growing travel destinations in the world. This owes to the governments' dedication towards enhancing the country's tourism industry with the aim of boosting Indonesia's economy. A substantial amount of money has been set aside by the government to promote the country's tourism industry so that more people are given insights into the true beauty of Indonesia. Numerous scenic spots that have not been made available to the masses are now gradually opened to the public. This is done to not only allow tourists to visit and experience different culture and tradition, but also provides businesses for the locals, especially for those who are rarely connected to the current technological society.

Mr Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia - his presentation on "Hot Deals 2018"

With this in mind, the government sets to hit 20 million arrivals by 2019. A goal that is not farfetched due to it being able to progressively achieve the set targets each year. The boosting of the economy will foresee a shift in Indonesia's economy to become more stabilized due to a better balanced economical infrastructure that does not only rely on just one or two sources for its gross income. 

Numerous overseas media representatives, reporters, locals and other officials attended the launch this year at the ballroom of Planet Holiday Hotel
"To the goals, we all seek, is the ones we shall reach!"
Why not explore the wonders of Indonesia together with your friends? You might even get to make new friends along the way!