Chinese New Year Catering 2018 - Key in “KAVIEL38” when checking out to enjoy $38 off your Foodline purchases (Minimum spending of $350 is required)

Chinese New Year Catering 2018
Chinese New Year is nearing quick and I believe everyone is excited to usher in the Lunar New Year with their loved ones over an awesome feast. It's not easy planning a huge event with many guests involved in it, I've personally planned a few of my own and I feel that it's necessary to have the right "lobangs" to ensure that you'll be able to have easily planned the perfect party or gathering for those we cherish.

I personally feel that is the perfect portal to get what we need when we're intending to spend time together with your family without having to go through the trouble of having to prepare the feast yourself, which sometimes can be quite tedious and time-consuming. I believe it's important to spend quality time with family and friends, especially since it's the companionship and company that matters most at least. 

Foodline has categorized their buffet listings into two different core categories which are the 'mini-buffet catering' section which is suitable for small groups of 5-10 pax as well as the "full buffet catering section" that is suitable for 20-100 pax (Special orders are possible for >100pax, contact Foodline directly for help). 

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How does work?
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I believe all of you guys value feedback too!

I always believe in the importance of reviews, as you'll be able to choose the right caterer so that everyone will not be disappointed when the food comes. has streamlined their website to take into account of the buyer's needs, which I must say is very detailed and informative.

Example for an Authentic Review on 2nd January 18

I'm able to clearly read through customer's reviews and the caterer's rating before making a decision on which caterer to pick. If a particular caterer is not up to their standards, the reviews from numerous customers will definitely show in the review. That was how I ordered my food previously for my 
23rd birthday (click here for the link) in 2016.

I am quite glad to have such an amazing portal to order food for my events and parties, as it's really convenient and user-friendly. I'm glad that has taken into account of every detail when creating this platform which allowed us to order food from caterers with ease.

Get Cash Rewards, Earn FL points & Free $500 worth of Vouchers
A. Cash Reward for your review
Get $5 to $10 when you leave a review of your catering event 

What is this cash reward all about? FoodLine offers all FoodLine customers a cash reward of $5-$10 when you leave a review for the caterer after your event. The cash reward will be transferred to the bank account that you have specified.

Can I order catering on behalf of an organization via FoodLine? Will I be entitled to the cash reward?
Yes, you can and you’ll still be entitled to cash rewards. 

Will the cash rewards be indicated on the invoice? 
As the cash rewards are offered to you by, the caterer's invoice will not indicate it.

How to claim cash reward? 
After your event has passed, login to the Cash Reward page to leave a review. On the review page, indicate your bank account details and the cash reward will be transferred to you within 3-5 working days
When is the latest I have to claim the cash reward? Your cash reward will expire 6 months after your event date. For example, if your event date is on 1st May, then the last day to claim the cash reward will be 31st Oct. 

B.  Earn Foodline (FL) Points
With every purchase on FoodLine, you'll be able to earn FoodLine (FL) Points, which can be used to offset future payments. 

  • For online payments, FL Points can be used to offset the price directly.
  • For cash/cheque payment, FL Points can be used to increase your cash reward!

How do I use the FL Points? The following listed questions are what you should look out for in relation to Foodline Points (FL Points)
First Login to your FoodLine Account
Use your FL Points on the ordering pages
Are FL Points added on top of cash rewards and other promotions on FoodLine? Yes, FL Points are added on top of cash rewards, and other promotions on FoodLine.

Can I use FL Points to offset my online payment on FoodLine? Yes, FL Points can be used to offset your online purchases.

If my order is canceled /rejected, how many days will the refund of my FL Points take? The refund is usually immediate or within 2 working days from order rejection/cancellation. 

Can I transfer FL Points to my friend's account? No, FL Points cannot be transferred from one account to the other.

How much are FL Points worth?
1. For online payment, 100 FL Points is equal to $1.

2. For other forms of payment, 100 FL Points is equal to $1 cash reward
How many FL Points can be used per order? You can use your FL Points to claim up to 10% of the order amount, capped at $100.  
Example 1: For order amount of $200, the maximum FL Points you can use is 2,000 FL Points (worth $20 <- 10% of $200)

Example 2: For order amount of $2000, the maximum FL Points you can use is 10,000 FL Points (worth $100 <- 10% of $2000 capped at $100) 

If I just ordered 1 order but is pending merchant to accept the order, can I use the FL Points for the 2nd order? As the first order may have yet to be accepted, you cannot use FL Points for the 2nd order

When do I receive FL Points? Usually, within 30 days after your order has been completed, you will receive your FL Points. After you have submitted your order, you will be informed of FL Points which you can expect to receive when your order is completed. Your order is deemed completed usually 30 days after the caterer has collected payment from you, or when you have submitted a review and invoice for your order. Guarantees
is not only an amazing Buffet Catering Portal but it's also the biggest portal in Singapore. It aims to provide you with the best services you'll ever need so that you'll be able to pull off a successful event whenever and wherever you want to at least. To aid you in doing so, Foodline provides the following guarantees:

1. Best Price Guarantee
2. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A. Best Price Guarantee offers the best price guarantee for your catering or food. If you have booked a catering or food through and then just show them that you could book the same menu from the same merchant for the same dates at a lower rate that is viewable and bookable on another website, they will definitely match that rate.

Claim process: Email your FoodLine Order Code and screenshot of the catering or food with its price as well as the competitor's lower price to Foodline's email (sales@foodline(dot)sg), and one of their consultants will contact you further to process your claims.

The “Best Price Guarantee” does not apply to unpublished rates, such as:
  • Private rates
  • Promotional or bundled rates
  • Rates that are not available on the internet, which include corporate discount rate, loyalty programme, any organization with rates intended for a specific group of individuals and are not meant for the general public, etc.
B. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is confident in ensuring that you will be satisfied with your catering or food when you book through them. In the unfortunate event that you are upset with the entire Catering experience (Food, Service, and Value), will compensate you within 30 days, cap at $100 per order.

Claim process: Email Foodline @(sales@foodline(dot)sg) your invoice, 3 photos of your catering service, reasons for your unhappiness, and one of their consultants will contact you further to process your refund.

Validity: For all orders submitted from 9th May 2015 to 31st July 2018
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Order must be placed successfully through
  2. Refund amount will be based on the invoice amount, capped at $100 per order (Updated: 17th Feb 2016)
  3. Contact us within 7 days after your event
  4. Customer must try to resolve any issues and seek any compensation with the Caterer first
  5. When the issues cannot be resolved with the Caterer, the Customer can seek the refund from
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