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Mini-Buffet Catering
For My 23rd Birthday Celebration @ Hotel Jen Tanglin
Ordered via Foodline Singapore

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Due to space constraint & the sake of convenience, I had to request for a mini-buffet, which I initially had a hard time finding. I was quite shocked when I chanced upon their website when I was searching for a suitable buffet caterer. It is simply hassle-free.

Foodline's Singapore Website
Search From Different Categories To Suit Your Event Needs

I simply had to search through the drop-down menu to find the correct category that suited my needs. Thereafter, I only had to compare the reviews of different caterers listed on their website to search for the perfect caterer for my party. 

Delizio Catering
The One You Chose Might Not Be The One That's Perfect For You

Do not fret as even though there are certain changes you'll like to make but the caterer that you're interested in is not able to provide you with whatever you need, the reservations team would be more than willing to help you source for other alternatives. I was recommended by the team to go for this catering as this caterer allowed me to switch certain dishes to fried finger food instead.

Simply Choose The Catering Recommended
Different Caterers Will Have Different Amount Of Buffet-Menu Available

Order Your Dishes By Clicking On The Radio-Button
The Catering Company Will Contact You Within A Few Working Days

Look at the Amount of Dishes I've Requested To Change

1. Baked Sambal Fish Fillet

2. Cereal Prawn

3. Seaweed Chicken

4. Fried Wanton with Tartar Dip

5. Pineapple Fried Rice

6. Fried Chicken Mid Wing

7. Cheng Tng Delights

8. Wok Fried Hong Kong Noodle

9. Chicken With Sweet & Sour Sauce

Fried Chicken Mid Wing

Fried Wanton with Tartar Dip

Seaweed Chicken

Pineapple Fried Rice

Wok Fried Hong Kong Noodle

My honest opinion is that foodline.sg is an amazing website to get the right caterer for your event. However, I would prefer the first caterer that I wanted to order from as It had better reviews as compared to this caterer. It was due to certain constraints in delivery that led to a decision in finding an alternative instead.

Personal Caterer Rating: 3.8/5
More Improvements On The Taste Of The Food Can Be Made

Overall Experience With Foodline.sg
Rating: 5/5

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