New property website “belowVal” is not only the most effective way to find affordable houses that are below valuation but also great platform to list and sell your properties efficiently

New Below Valuation Property Portal
Launched in October 2015

Greatest Portal
For Home Seekers
From Rentals, HDB & Private Properties

How belowVal works in 3 Steps:

1. Agents / Owners post Urgent property

2. belowVal checks to ensure info is accurate

3. Home Seekers get updated!

For Sellers/Agents Too
So Why List Your Properties on belowVal?

Only GENUINE below valuation cases are reflected on their website

a. Providing an Assurance that buyers are not tricked into plotted traps

 b. No longer need to sieve through endless amount of listings

c. Efficient & Saves Lots of Time

Takes out clutter & shows all the listings in a clean and SIMPLE PLATFORM

a. No more repeated listings

b. No Messy Clutters

Process is Streamlined, Made EASY & SIMPLE

a. Assurance of Up-To-Date information on valuation properties

Connect Directly By Revealing Number
Or Asking About The Property of Interest
(The Above Contact is For The Property Listed Below)

b. Interested home seekers can connect directly with home owners or agents to find out more

c. Buyers will be expecting to get quick responses from sellers who are urgently trying to sell their properties at a cheaper price

Genuine Buyers Are Attracted By Detailed Information

PS: This is Just An Example & Listings May Be Removed As Time 

Attracts GENUINE BUYERS interested in below Valuation Properties

a. Urgent sellers will have a higher tendency of reducing their prices to sell of their property to increase the demand, resulting in BETTER PRICES.

b. Properties listed are VERIFIED and sold fast to buyers who are GENUINE

c. No wastage of time talking to buyers who are simply just "WINDOW SHOPPERS"
Speeds Up Process
Photo Credits: Prop Library

Properties are sold to REAL BUYERS & not big property players

a. Fast & Quick without selling at lower prices to big property firms

b. Benefit sincere buyers instead

c. Less tendency of making rash decisions despite time being a critical factor as you are able to sell your properties efficiently when you're urgently in need to sell them.

A Place to Call Home
Building a family & finding a place to call home is an important 1st Step.
Photo Credits : Cy Low

That is why "belowVal" is here to help
Going through thousands of online property listings will be things of the past!

About belowVal

belowVal is a property web portal that focus only on Urgent Rental, HDB & Private properties.

As belowVal do not list regular-priced properties, they have a smaller number of property listings on their website.

This allows listings of a more urgent nature get the attention they deserve.

Also as belowVal check and verify every listing, unlike other property websites, belowVal does not have listings that contain fake or outdated info.

Fair & Transparent

Feel free to voice out on certain improvements to their website so as to better cater to all of your needs. Do not hesitate as feedback allows them to understand what you guys are looking for. 

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