Spice Brasserie at PARKROYAL Kitchener Road - I Believe It's The 1st Singapore Authentic Balinese BBQ That Serves Balinese Seafood and Cuisine

Balinese BBQ & Seafood Buffet
SG50 Promotion

Lunch: 12noon to 2:30pm (Daily)
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm (Daily)

Seafood lovers are in for a treat at Spice BrasserieImagine a spread barbecued in a flavour-rich Balinese style, infused with various spices and seasoning

An authentic Balinese spread that allows you to handpick your own seafood from the live station.

Photo Credits : Purple Taste

SG50 and Credit Card Promotion
Balinese BBQ and Seafood Buffet

Dinner (Thursday to Saturday)

$78 for Two Adults

Herbs and Spices Buffet

Lunch (Daily)
$50 for Two Adults

Dinner (Sunday to Wednesday)
$50 for Two Adults

All prices are subject to service charge and Goods and Services Tax (GST). 

Child prices are applicable for children below 12 years old.

Yummy Delicious Fresh Sashimi Available
Photo Credits : SMU Gourmet Club

PARKROYAL @ Kitchener Road

181 Kitchener Rd, 208533
Lobby Level
(+65) 6428 3160

Wide Variety of Food Available
You'll Definitely Be Spoilt For Choice

A Quick Peek Of The Restaurant's Interior
Comfortable & Cozy Place To Enjoy Your Food

I Call It The Chef's Corner
Get Amazing Delicious Food

Renowned Balinese Dishes
Try Out These Dishes As Followed

Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)
Crab Bakar
Ikan Bakar
Cumi Cumi Lsi (Stuffed Squids)
Clam Satay
Ayam Betutu
Grilled Lobster in Coconut

Chef's Corner
Professionally Preparing Food

Seafood Live Station

Super Fresh Tiger Prawns (My Favorite)
Gong Gong
Green Mussels
Brown Mussels

Simply Irresistible
Fresh Seafood That's Simply My All-Time Favorite

Shell Food

Perfectly Grilled by The Chef upon request, The Shell Seafood is sinfully delicious and fresh as it doesn't have an after taste that most seafood seller has.

Tiger Prawns

The Best & Freshest Prawns I've ever tried. The live prawns are freshly prepared after taking them out of the tanks. The prawns are huge and crunchy that I ate two whole plates with my friend.

Other Amazing Savory Delights
Includes Snacks Like Prawn Crackers

Wide Spread of Meats & Delights
You Must Now Miss Those Prawn Dishes

Make Your Own Gado Gado
Indonesian Mega Salad
(Select Your Own Ingredients and HUALA!)

Specially Made Spices
Different Kinds of Spices To Choose From

Personally I'm a fan of Hot Chilli Spices so the wide range of spices available is definitely convenient for a Chilli Lover like me.

I could easily choose between different types of Chilli Spices to match with the wide range of food available at Spice Brasserie's Buffet Spread.

Deliciously Scrumptious

Bebek Bengil
Indonesian-Style Grilled Duck

Indonesian-Style Grilled Duck that is specially made by Spice Brasserie's Chef. Grilled Duck is juicy and tender with every single bite. Moreover, this dish may look ordinary and simple, but it is simply delicious.

Delicious Cold Clams & Scallops
Amazingly Fresh

Cravings For Porridge
Choose Your Favorite Types Ingredients & Add Them In To The Wholesome Porridge

Fresh Hot Steam Buns
Try Out Their Amazing Paus

Garlic Naan
Prawn Koliwada
Head Down & Try Out Their Amazing Paus

Fish Tikka
Perfectly Well-Done

The fish is cooked till its optimal crisp. It is tasty and is way better as compared to places that over-cooks the dish till the point that it becomes too dry and tough.
Scrumptious Plate of Food
Perfectly Well-Done

Overall, The food at Spice Brasserie is not bad and it's definitely value for money. The different meat available especially the pork is tender but the chicken has many room for improvements.

It is definitely difficult to get such an amazing offer now a these days especially when the buffet spread consists of a large variety of seafood. So this is definitely a deal that we can never miss.

Club 5's Mojito
Specially Prepared For Me

It was prepared to compliment my meal with a light refreshing drink.

Seating Capacity: 77
Location: Lobby Level

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday
5:00pm to 1:00am

Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays
5:00pm to 2:00am

Telephone: +65 6428 3150

End Of Your Meal With Desserts
Indulge in The Sweet Goodness

Different Varieties of Cakes & Tarts Available

Durian Chendol
Add Your Items Base On Preference

Chendol has always been my All-Time favorite dessert as I'll always have this whenever my mother & I craves for it. We will always make a special order by requesting for Red Bean, Corn & Durian toppings only.

Durian adds an overall unique taste over the sweet mixture of Red Bean and Corn.