Youtube FanFest 2015 @ *SCAPE in Singapore - Photos & Videos Taken with Sony A6000



2 Orchard Link #04-01
Singapore 237978
Tel No: 6521 6565




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Youtube Fanfest 2015 Red Carpet Video
Youtube Fanfest 2015
Kurt Hugo - Where You Are
Taken Using Sony A6000
Youtube Fanfest 2015
Tiffany Alvord - Tight Rope
Taken Using Sony A6000
Youtube Fanfest 2015
Macy Kate & Kurt Hugo - Five Stages of Loving You
Taken Using Sony A6000
Youtube Fanfest 2015
Macy Kate & Kurt Hugo
Taken Using Sony A6000
By KavielTeo

Rest of The Photos & Videos Are All Taken
With The Amazing Sony A6000

The Fung Brothers
The Fung Brothers
New Videos Every Monday & Thursday
Special Make-Up Session at Fanfest 2015
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Professional Rapper
Tiffany Alvord
Amazing Singer
Tiffany Alvord
Twitter Link
Wong Fu Productions
Twitter Link

Wong Fu Productions & Timothy DeLaGhetto
On-The-Spot Producing of Film Together
Kurt Hugo Schneider

Wonderful Singer With A Great Awesome Voice

23rd May 2015
Group Photo To End Off The Showcase

Overall Review of the Sony A6000
For More Detailed Information & Comparision

The Sony A6000 works well under low lighting conditions and is definitely a camera that its convenient and lightweight. Its superb portability is a definite great companion for you to bring out and snap great photos on-the-go.

As can be seen from the image obtained from dpreview, the camera itself is compact and its 
mirrorless interchangeable lens makes photo shooting easier with the ease of being able to change the lens at any point of time to suit the different situation at hand.

Its WI-FI Functionality that enables easy photo & videos transfer via the Sony's Play Memories App. The app is not only user-friendly but transfers the media to your phone at superb speed.

Simply just download the application from Apple's ITunes Store or PlayStore on your Android phone and access the Camera's WiFi by connecting via your phone's WiFi after choosing files that you want to transfer.

Pardon my poor video & photo shooting skills, in the good hands of a Professional Photographer, the images and videos will definitely turn out 10X better then the ones I took personally.



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