Yum Cha Express Delivers Fresh and Piping Hot Dim Sum & Seafood Dishes Right to Your Doorstep - Use The Exclusive Promotion Code To Receive $20 Discount & Stand A Chance To Win A Dim Sum Party Worth $300

Yum Cha Express
Fresh & Delicious Dim Sum & Seafood Dishes Right To Your Doorstep

Video Credits : Derrick See

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Modes of Contacts
Methods of Ordering

1. Online via www.YumChaExpress.com.sg 

2. Call Them via 6222 1717

3. E-Mail Them @ Delivery@YumCha.Com.Sg

Exclusive Promotion Code
Promotion Code: YCV20
Valid Till 30th June 2015

* Not Valid on the Following Dates *

1. Public Holidays

2. Mother's Day Weekend

3. Father's Day Weekend

Minimum Order of $70 Required For Any Delivery
$20 Discount is only applicable
(With a minimum spending of $120)
*Prevailing GST still Applies*

Once All Requirements Are Met
This Is An Example What You'll See When Ordering Online

YumCha Express Delivery
How Do You Go About Ordering?

Step1Visit http://YumChaExpress.Com.Sg via your Favorite Browser

Step 2: Click the “ORDER NOW” button

Step 3: Enter Your Desired "Postal Code" First

Step 4: Select Your Desired Delivery Date & Time
By clicking "Check Other Dates"

For Example, I'm Hosting A Birthday Party on the 15th July 2015 at A Particular Venue/Hotel/Function Room.

So You'll have to simply key in the Postal Code of Event & The Preferred Delivery Date & Time.

Step 5: Choose Your Desired Dim Sum or Dishes & Click the "ADD" Button To Cart
Step 6Double Check Your Cart

Step 7: Proceed To "Check Out"

Step 8: Add Promotion Code: "YCV20"
When Your Purchases Are Above $120
Entitlement: $20 Discount

Step 9: Enter Your 'Personal Particulars'

Step 10: Triple Check Your Particulars
( Opps.. Look O.o )
I've Chosen The Wrong Date

Ensure All Of The Following Are Filled In Correctly

 1. Delivery Address

2. Date & Time

3. Number Of Pax

4. Promotion Code

Step 11: Amend Details When Necessary
I've Amended The Wrong Date To The Correct One

There Are 2 Modes Of Payment Available

1. Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)
** Must State In Remarks Section **
Photo Taken Fromhttp://colsbincleaning.com.au/payment-options
2. Cash On Delivery Payment
(No Remarks Included For Credit Card Payment Means Cash Upon Delivery)
Photo Taken From:  https://dribbble.com/shots/1669429-Cash-On-Delivery-Icon
(Edited By : Kaviel Teo)

Step 12: Submit Your Order & "WALAAA"
Get Ready For Your Very Own "Dim Sum Party"

‘Win A Dim Sum Party’ Facebook Contest 
Contest Runs From 25th April 2015 - 10th May 2015

Simply tell us why you want to win this

Amazing Dim Sum Party

One Lucky Winner Will Stand A Chance To Win Your Very Own Dim Sum Party
(Worth $300 from Yum Cha Express)

Visit YumCha's Official Facebook Page For More Information

Yum Cha Express Dim Sum Sets

Yum Cha Express's Packaging
These Are The Boxes The Dim Sum Is Kept In
Special Salted Egg Prawns
Yummy Delicious Prawns


Personal Rating: 10/10

Yum Cha Bento Sets
Nicely Packaged Meal For Easy Distribution
(Ideal For Work Places & Mini-Events)

Yum Cha Express's Famous & Signature Crabs
Simply Convenient & Tempting

Yum Cha Express's Rice & Noodle
Available After 11am

Large Variety of Dim Sums Available
*Photo Is For Illustration Purposes Only*

Look at the variety of Dim Sums available, I couldn't resist but to place all of them in the same box as it is simply an amazing shot that I could not resist taking.

My Personal favorite will be the "Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling" which is made crispy to perfection. This is something I can never stop savoring as it has always been my all time favorite. I will always recommend "Mayonnaise" to be its best companion.

Yum Cha Express's Desserts
What's A Meal Without Ending Off With An Amazing Dessert

For More Details, Please Visit The Following Official Website

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