McDonald's Kopi Flavour Burst Ice Cream Cone - For A Limited Period of Time Only (Kopi Lovers Head Down To Any Dessert Kiosk Outlet To Get One Today)

McDonald's New Kopi FlavourBurst Cone
Attention To All Coffee Lovers
Here's What All You Have Been Waiting For
Kopi Flavour Burst Ice Cream Cone
How Would The Addition of Coffee to Ice Cream Taste?

I'm not really a coffee fan but I do drink coffee at times when I'm super duper tired. But 

This dessert should taste superbly good and would definitely give you the energy boost you need to last through the day.

For A Limited Period of Time Only
Only at $1.00
You Get To Savor The Goodness of Coffee Ice Cream

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Available Only at All Dessert Kiosk Outlets

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