Happy 80th Birthday Grandma - We All Love You Alot (Actual Birthday : 17th June 2013)

Happy 80th Birthday MaMa!
Quek Kim Eng
Longevity Buns
Shaped Into Cute Rabbits
Cute Rabbit Longevity Buns
Aunty Bought Them From Takashimaya

A Drawing Done By A Professional Artist
My Cute & Loving Grandmother
She's Kind-Hearted & Super Cute
She is a wonderful lady whom always show great kindness to the people around her, she never fails to make sure that all of us around her gets the best out of everything that's out on the table before she gets her hands onto one of those amazing food cooked by my awesome maid, Min.

This will be the happy moments we spent together with her and it will never be the last as she will definitely live a long life as she will be blessed with good health and long life with the amazing spread of longevity buns.

She's someone special to us and we'll always spent time with her especially when she stays with me under the same roof.

I hope she like the drawing I requested Tiffany to draw as to me she's one of the greatest artist I've seen that could draw such a beautiful drawing that totally looks exactly like my grandmother.

Happy Moments we share together as a family will never end here as we have many years to come to share this wonderful warmth among our family members.

Two Slices Of Cake
From Two Different Cakes
Awesome Chocolaty Cake as well as a mild cream cake that is fluffy and delicious topped with berries that gives it an overall mixture of sweet and sour taste. Such a wonderful birthday cake for a wonderful event.

This will be the start of more birthdays to come!
Happy Birthday Grandma!