Hotel Jen Tanglin's Premier Suite

Luxurious Suite That Suits Your Needs
This Suite Is Suitable For A Gathering of 11 Pax Before 11PM
Overall, I enjoyed my stay here but I expected the club lounge to have more scrumptious delights such as sushi and other staple food, and not too much fried food. However, this is based on personal preferences. What I like about the club lounge is that it is super cozy and that they provide cup noodles at night for hungry guests to eat. 

Other than that, I believe this is an awesome hotel and the room is beautifully furnished. Moreover, since its converted from an older building, previously a hotel, it is relatively sound proof.

Therefore as a whole, I'm giving this Hotel the ratings as followed:

Luxury: 4 Star
Service: 10/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Breakfast Buffet: 9/10
Food Varieties & Quality: 9/10
Club Lounge Benefits: 8/10
Club Lounge Food Varieties: 7.5/10

Awesome Stay At Hotel Jen Tanglin
The One & Only Largest Suite (75sqm)

Common Toilet
Easily Accessible From The Living Hall

Common Toilet
There Is Another Toilet In The Bed-Room
Spacious Living Hall
With A Huge Dining Table
There is a Mini-Kitchen with a big-fridge and freezer, it consists of complimentary soft drinks, milk & a champagne bottle. Items may differ according to the management's discretion.

Beautiful White Roses
Flowers To Brighten Up The Room
Study Desk
Complete Your Work as You Face The Skyline
Watch Shows In Comfortable Setting
Wide-Screen TV with Comfortable Luxurious Chairs
Nice & Perfect Setting For A Staycation
Not Forgetting That Cute Rocking Cow or Ox
I'm Still Trying To Figure Out What Animal Is This
It Is Either A Calf Or Ox
Comfortable & Spacious Bed
A Room Befitting A Prince
Best Suited For Couples/Mini-Gathering/Wedding
Life Is All About Enjoyment & Fun
Chill & Relax While Admiring The Scenic View
Broad Walkway To The Spacious Cupboard & Toilet
Let's See What's Inside The Cupboard :)
Laundry Essentials
Towels, Bath Robes & Iron
Ironing Essentials
Ironing Board
Laundy Bag
Fret Not If You've Dirty Laundry, Send Them For Washing Immediately
Safe Deposit Box
Lock Your Valuables Up If You're Carrying Too Much On Hand, 4-Digit Is All It Takes To Keep Your Items Safe!
Soak Your Sorrows Away In A Bubbly-Bath
Two Sinks To Cater To Your Very Needs
Need Not Share A Sink With Your Partner Anymore
First Hotel I've Seen To Have Bottled Water Available Everywhere
Convenient for Guests to Enjoy When They Are Thirsty

I like how convenient it is that bottled water is readily available at each corner of the suite. There's basically two at every convenient location in the room. 

Neatly Arranged Toiletries
Toothbrushes, Comb, Shaver, Cotton Pad, Sanitary Bag, Hair Band, Shampoo, Shower Gel, Conditioner & Body Milk

L'OCCITANE's Toilet Essentials
Bringing Luxury To A Whole New Level
Shower Room
Intending To Take A Quick Shower Instead?
Shower Head Is Available Too!
Travel Necessities
Whatever You Need For An Outing To The Beach
I like how detailed Hotel Jen Tanglin is with their packaging. This is one of the most essential pack that we need when we're heading out to a sporty activity.

I Celebrated My 23rd Birthday That Day
Day 1 of My Staycation
Had A Cupcake Surprise From The Management Team
Club Lounge
Chill & Have A "Healthy Smiley Face Salad"  To Accompany Your Tea
The newly refurbished Club Lounge takes things to new heights for travellers who appreciate a bit of exclusivity. Expect a stylish and comfortable lounge that is suitable for work in the day and relaxation at night. Located on Level 17, the Club Lounge offers a stunning and unblocked view of the estate’s surroundings.

1. Exclusive check-in, reception and concierge

2. Sumptuous weekday breakfasts from 6.30am until 11am

3. Extra-filling weekend brunches from 6.30am until 12noon

4. Midday culinary treats to keep you energized

5. Free flow of spirits, wines, beers and small dinner bites from 5pm until 7.30pm

6. Open from 6am until 10pm, but accessible 24-hours a day with a room key

7. Pressing of one piece of clothing for when you need to dress to impress

Fried Chicken
Fried Food Are The Ones Mostly Found At The Lounge From 5pm to 7.30pm
Potato Cake
Mini Bites To Keep Your Day Going
Prawn Wanton
Fills Up Your Stomach When You're Hungry After A Swim
Vegetable Pizza
I Personally Like This A Lot
Vegetable Pizza
The Bread Dough Used Is Quite Unique
Wide Range Of Teas & Coffees To Choose From
Soft Drinks Are Also Available In the Fridge
DIY Salad & Fruit Counter
Eat Healthily As You Snack On Some Food In The Evening
Enjoy Some Awesome Snacks
Accompanied With Some Scrumptious Soup
Red & White Wine
Choose Your Choice Of Wine For Your Evening Snack
Biscuits, Nuts & Snacks
Great Accompaniment When You're Drinking Alcohol
Different Varieties of Cheese Available
Choose Your Favorite One To Go With Your Snacks
Pecan Nuts Tart
Interesting Dessert To Sweeten Up Your Day
Other Quick Bites Available
Mix & Match To Make The Perfect Meal
Other Quick Bites Available
Varieties May Differ On Different Days/Weeks
Cheesy Sticks
Filled With Cheesy Goodness
Other Quick Bites Available
Varieties May Differ On Different Days
I Had My Fair Share Of Evening Snacks
It's Time You Head Down To Enjoy Them Too!
Gerald Png Enjoying Himself Too
A Good Photographer & An Awesome Friend

Half of My Awesome Animation Netitanx Team
Fazlin & Adeline
Happy 23rd Birthday To Myself
Two Big Aliens Behind Shows How Huge The Wall Really Is
Happy 23rd Birthday To Myself
Cake Cutting Session
Thanks Skye For Surprising Me Late At Night
It's The Thoughts That Count & It Was Really An Awesome Cake
Breakfast At J65 Restaurant @ Hotel Jen Tanglin
Morning Breakfast That Comes With The Room
J65 Restaurant @ Hotel Jen Tanglin
Plating by @skyetzk, Best Bartender & Buddy
Salad To Kickstart Your Breakfast
Stay Healthy & Eat Healthy
Corn Flakes By Kellogg's
Different Variation of Cereals Available
Corn Flakes By Kellogg's
Yummy Crispy Cereals Up For Grabs
Corn Flakes By Kellogg's
First time Seeing This All-Bran Cereal
Four Different Kinds of Milk
Full Cream Milk, Skimmed Milk, Low Fat Milk & Soya Milk
Singapore Chicken Rice & Roti Prata With Yellow Dhall
Full Range of Spices & Condiments To Accompany Your Rice
Different Variation of Eggs Are Available Too
I'm Personally Fond Of The Poached Egg That They Made
Ipoh Horfun/Wanton Noodle/Singapore Laksa
Choose Your Favorite Noodle & Noodles
Add Your Spices & Vegetables
According To Your Own Personal Preference
Choose Your Own Ingredients
Pass It On To The Chef In-Charge
Refreshments Are Available Too
Fruit Juices Are Always Replenish
PS: I Was There When They Were About To Close

Fresh Fruits Are Available Too
End Your Day With An Apple To Keep The Doctor Away
So Don't Say I Bojio Ah!
Hotel Jen Tanglin

1A Cuscaden Road
Singapore (249716) Map

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Check-in: 2 p.m
Check-out: 12 noon