Oishi Green Tea & Coco Life 100% Coconut Water - Refreshing Drinks By F&N Available at Major Supermarkets, Hypermarkets & Convenience Store

Oishi Green Tea & Coco Life 100% Coconut Water
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Oishi Green Tea & Coco Life 100% Coconut Water
Refreshing Drinks By F&N

OISHI blends the healthful benefits of green tea with enticing flavours that meet consumers’ varied taste. Brewed from 100% organic tea leaves and only the top freshest leaves are used.

The OISHI range of green tea is masterfully concocted using a refined manufacturing process according to OISHI’s signature recipes.

OISHI range of green tea is now available in Singapore through F&N in the following variants as seen in the pictures below.

OISHI Green Tea Original Flavour (380ml and 1.5L)
OISHI Green Tea Genmai Flavour (380ml and 1.5L)

OISHI Green Tea Original
OISHI Green Tea with Genmai 
Available in handy 380ml PET bottles (S$1.00)
Also Available In 1.5L PET bottles (S$2.05)

*Available at Major Supermarkets and Hypermarkets*

The great taste of OISHI Green Tea Original is a welcome thirst quencher. Refreshingly Sweet, Well-rounded and subtly crisp with a tinge of pleasant vegetal and jasmine note, OISHI Green Tea Original delivers the authentic and fragrant taste of 100% organic green tea with the convenience of just a twist of the cap.

The extensive range of OISHI Green Tea also offers OISHI Green Tea with Genmai. Germinated brown rice or Genmai, is unpolished brown rice, used primarily as a food grain that has been allowed to germinate in order to enhance the flavour and also to increase levels of nutrients such as γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

This rice used in Japanese cuisine, has been gaining popularity as a health food because it is considered more nutritious than white rice. The outer bran retains much of the vitamins and minerals that are removed by polishing.

Each bottle of OISHI is masterfully brewed using 100% organic tea leaves with no added preservatives and artificial colourings. Only the youngest three leaves at the top of each branch are selected for the brew.

Coco Life

From 100% Coconut Water
Straight From the Nut

Coco Life Coconut Water
330ml pack for $1.50 at major supermarkets
330ml pack for $2.30 at convenience stores.

While each coconut may contain about 200ml to 1000 ml of water depending on its cultivar type and size, it is a tough nut to crack! It is easy to appreciate why packaged coconut water is such a hit with consumers.

Consumers here in Singapore can now savour the goodness of coconut water on-the-go with Coco Life, F&N’s latest offerings of delicious beverages. Coco Life coconut water is a delicious & refreshing thirst quencher after meals, after a brisk walk, on a lazy day at the beach or better-yet, after a hectic shopping spree!

Rich in naturally-occurring electrolytes, coconut water is a delicious hydrating agent that refreshes the body. Its high potassium content is believed to help in blood pressure management. It is also said to boost the immune system with its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. These, coupled with its vitamins, amino acids and antioxidant compositions, are reasons why coconut water is often touted as nature’s super drink.

Coco Life offers the convenience of drinking coconut water extracted straight from the nut with no artificial flavours, Coco Life is never from concentrate, it contains no fat, no cholesterol, no artificial flavours and hydrates naturally, the way nature intended. To top its all, Coco Life is certified as a Healthier Choice food by the Health Promotion Board.