Halloween Deadly Ever After 2012

Deadly Ever After 2012
Venue: Sentosa 4D Magix and Singapore Cable Car Museum

Guess all of you had your own plans for Halloween this year.

I had mine too at this amazing Deadly Ever After 2012.

We had to queue for 2 hours to enjoy the fun as there were many people attending this event during over this awesome weekend as this is the last week whereby the Halloween events are hosted.

It was worth the wait!

We took some photos in my first cable car ride in Singapore at Harbourfront Tower.

Awesome Picture in the Cable Car
(From the left Myself,Wilson & Ken)
Another Awesome Picture in the Cable Car
(From the left Myself,Wilson & Ken)
We also took several pictures with several creepy looking people while we were waiting in the queue.
Myself and Wilson took a photo with a creepy lady

My Friends & Cousins who attended the event
(From left, Ronald,Ken,Alicia,William)
(At the top, Wilson and Myself)
Photos are credited to our famous blogger, William Tan.

Want to know why it was worthwhile after all?

They made an amazing plot from the very start of the trail right to the end of it. 

At the very start of the trail, we had to do a safety check before embarking our journey into the Haunted trail to ensure that no one has any past related heart problems or asthma attack.

Immediately after the briefing, we were shocked by the appearance of a white lady that came to ask us for help to find Ah-Ling.

She passed us a "Red String"

And WARNED US to keep it safe or else the person keeping who loses the string will jeopardize the safety of the entire group.

Though it was just meant to make us more scared, it was very realistic after all.

We went pass several places such as a bride who asked us for help who was forced by another lady to marry a living dead which apparently looked like her mom. 

We went pass a corner with a lady inside looking at her Jewellery and staring at us as though she was ought to scare us.

We met a lady who was told to be "Ah Ling" as someone told us to chase after her to stop her from running away. But she was no where to be found when we walked towards her direction.

We went pass a cemetery and were indeed impressed by the layout as it was very realistic and we were holding each other's hands tightly while we brave through the entire cemetery.

There were the living dead hiding behind tombstones and curtains with props lying all around that looked so real.

Due to the fact that the scary living dead that were stationed at each place looked so fake, we were shocked and terrified the moment they came to scare us as we were totally off guard as we thought they were not real at all.

We went into the hospital with nurses and dead patients lying on the beds that made us feel even more scared as it is gave us a creepy realistic feeling. The feeling is as though we are actually in a situation whereby we are indeed stuck at a hospital all alone in a group.

We even went pass this lady sitting down on the floor which was indeed creepy as she made noises to vibe up the scary atmosphere

We ended off our journey at a photo booth and we were asked whether to purchase a photo for $15. This photo was actually taken when we were queuing up to enter the Haunted Trail.

Though it was a short journey, we apparently enjoyed it to the fullest. It was totally worthwhile!

We really enjoyed the event to the fullest and would look forward to attending more Halloween events next year.