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Thunder Tea Rice
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Thunder Tea Rice
Brown Rice - $6.00
White Rice - $5.50
Replaced The Soup To The Normal Plain Soup
As I was not really used to the unique taste of the Thunder Tea Soup.

Thunder Tea Rice
(After Mixing All The Ingredients Together)
Thunder Tea Rice
(After Mixing All The Ingredients Together)
The Thunder Tea Rice is not all about herbs, vegetables and tofu but it is a scrumptious delight that is low in fat and cholesterol which is ideal for body detoxification and weight management.

The large variety of vegetables and herbs has made this dish highly therapeutic and curative.

It is effective for cold, flu, cough and some other common sickness. Moreover, it is also effective in treating joint pains and removing stomach wind and gas.

Frequent Consumption of Thunder Tea Rice
Promotes Good Health and Improve Vitality

Side Dish
Fried Hakka Tofu & Egg

Not Oily But Delicious
Add More Hakka Tofu
At a Price of $1.00 Per Piece
Actual Eating Method For The Thunder Tea Rice
Personally Prefer My Thunder Rice Without The Tea
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Basically, the tea itself has a unique spicy and herbal taste that may not intrigue your taste buds enough to make this soupy tea favorable to your liking. This is base on different personal preferences as some may be use to the acquired taste while some may not.

I'm one of the exception who is not use to it and prefer eating the scrumptious healthy delight just on its own with the side dish included.

Thunder Tea Rice
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