Ehbuzz - An Authentic Buzz Portal that provides consumers reliable and up-to-date information on trending outlets and buzzes through gamification

Ehbuzz - Authentic buzz portal that provides consumers reliable and up-to- date information on trending outlets and buzzes through gamification

There are basically too many consumer review portals around and most of them are populated with sparse info and low update cycle. 

This makes reviews questionable as there is a lack of users’ background. Hence trending Influencers can be found on this platform sharing their personal reviews on places they have explored. The basis of comparison between influencers is the number of audiences that they hit in their account, which makes it relatively more reliable than outdated reviews

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Influencers and other food reviewers can level up through introducing more outlets and buzzes, which entitles them a percentage of experience points each time they contribute something. I believe this website is what most of us need in ensuring that the food reviews that they get are worth the trip down to whatever places that were recommended.

Gain unique and special badges that are available to all users & may offer certain one-off badges during certain special occasions
Start Introducing Outlets that you'll like to recommend personally & add in the details required accordingly!
It's relatively easy to key in the location, just key in the specific Postal Code & locate it manually on the map!

Add in Tags, Prices & Additional Address details if available

It is a relatively simplistic website that enables consumers to search for reviews of a certain outlet through trending buzzes made by people all around the globe. You'll also be able to see fan's top outlets.

Personally, I find it relatively easy to introduce an outlet but it would be better if a streamlined mobile application were to be introduced in the near future!

Key in Contact Details, Opening Hours & Payment mode available as well as a short description of the place!