Recommended Chicken Rice at Mapletree Business City Food Court (Food Style)

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($2.00 Per Plate)
Ate this amazing chicken rice at MapleTree Business City during my lunch break and felt that it was worth the money. The Rice itself has an authentic "Chicken Aroma" which means it was cooked sufficiently with the broth of the chicken.

The Chicken is tender and scrumptiously nice. For $15.00, I felt that the "Half Chicken" that
William Tan and I bought was worthwhile. The Rice cost $0.60 per bowl.

The vegetables was worth the price as it is the best accompaniment for Chicken Rice and it is relatively cheaper than other stores that price this plate of vegetables at a cost of $3.00.

Do Come Visit this Place to Not Only Enjoy The View
But also to try to Affordable & Scrumptious Chicken Rice

Address & Details

10 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 117438