Best, Awesome & Homely Fried Rice at Century Wanton Mee @ Maxwell

Century Wanton Mee
Maxwell Food Centre
Homely "Yang Zhou" Fried Rice
Spicy & Tasty
This is the fried rice that I would never fail to eat whenever I am at Maxwell Food Centre/Hawker Centre because of its rich aromatic taste that makes it so savoury and delectable.

Relishing this dish makes you feel like you are at home literally, as he has this authenticity in cooking a meal that somehow just consist of that "Homely Taste."

Even my friend who ate that Fried Rice also commented that it was worth it to come all the way to Maxwell just to eat this amazing Fried Rice.

A Small Plate of Fried Rice Cost: ~$2.50
A Big Plate of Fried Rice Cost: ~$4.00


Request the Fried Rice to Be Fried With Chilli

I Would Rate this Dish

Sambal Prawn with Fried Egg
Customized Food Order
We were eager to try something out of the ordinary since my best friend, William and I usually patronize this particular store at Maxwell Food Centre just to get our taste buds tickling with the amazing chilli "Yang Zhou" fried rice that the uncle cooks.

He cooks one of the best fried rice as to me its basically very "Authentic" and special as the taste and aroma with every bite gives me the nostalgia feel which is a similar feeling to what I would feel when I am eating a home-cooked meal.

This Sambal Fried Egg with Prawn was a random mix which was not shown on the menu as he mentioned to us on one of our visit to the store that he could cook anything as long as he has the ingredients to do so.

Thus, we wanted to test his skills but to our astonishment, this dish was seriously very delectable and tasty.

I Would Rate this Dish
Do not Judge a store by its Queue

Sometimes we never know how good and tasty the food is until we try it.
No queue does not mean the food taste awful but instead if we think of it in a positive and optimistic way, it is basically because no one has ever tried that amazing store because we are obsess in judging  the food store just based on the length of the queue.
Don't Judge Today
And You Will Be Surprise On The Variety of Amazing Food Around Us
Head Down To Maxwell Food Centre
To Try The Fried Rice Today

It is Affordable, Tasty & Nice !!

500 Kadayanallur Street
#01-25 Maxwell Food Centre